Prehistoric shark – a rare fortune for fishermen and scientists

Prehistoric shark - a rare success for fishermen and scientistsA photo from open sources in Australia a team of anglers under by “leadership” of James Owen accidentally caught a giant prehistoric shark that is nearly six in length and a half meters and weight – more than three tons. It happened in the state. Victoria, in the Portland area.

Note that this is a very valuable catch, even in terms of gourmet shark meat. However, the fishermen abandoned the venture to gain decent money on his unusual catch and presented a rare fish science, which soon (after it was measured and weighed) went to the Melbourne Museum, where scientists were even somewhat shocked by such a generous gift from the side sea ​​workers. Now it’s not even clear who is more fortunate: to fishermen or scientists?

A photo from open sources

The fact is that this marine predator is so rare that the last time it was caught back in 1930. Now scientists Melbourne Museum have a rare opportunity to study in more detail the sea monster that fell into their hands, and the museum itself will soon replenish priceless exhibit.

In a word, we add that the prehistoric shark, despite its gigantic size, yet smaller than a whale shark. Most its characteristic features are a large flat nose and a peculiar pinkish-violet tint of the whole carcass.


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