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These magicians in different corners of our planet are called differently, but all of them possess knowledge of secret knowledge. These are not really ordinary people can, say, heal a lot hands, know our innermost thoughts, see the past and the future, and perform other miracles.

The host of the project “X-version. World sorcerers” Dmitry Shtokolov at over ten episodes of a documentary about the most famous magicians of our planet claims to become such a superman not allowed, they need to be born. However, each of us can touch this mystery, try to understand it and already on the basis of build this understanding and more advanced knowledge about our world own life.

Philippine healers

About the miracles of Philippine healers, surgeons, who easily do operations without a scalpel, many know. However, not everyone knows the real secrets of hiller surgery, for example, that the Filipino healers are divided into certain categories, and that some their them work in companies with mysterious, invisible simple eye, dwarfs.

Jewish Kabbalists

Jewish Kabbalistic Mages Don’t Need Any Mediators to direct communication with God, because they are fluent in the mysterious and somewhat sinister ritual of Pulse Denur, with the help of whom they can ask the Almighty for anything. And the most the amazing thing is that God “hears” these requests and willingly fulfills them. Here are just some of the names of such amazing Wizards: Ariel Sharon, Yitzhak Rabig, Ehud Olmert.

Benin voodoo

We also heard about the traditional African voodoo religion, more that some voodoo rituals are practiced by almost everyone sorcerers of the world, including Russians (for example, we call the famous Siberian healer Natalya Stepanova). Translated from the language of the ancient Dahomey, the word “voodoo” means “spirit”, and therefore itself Voodoo religion is primarily a belief in good and evil spirits.

Peruvian curanderos

Peruvian shamans establish a magical connection between many the spirits of plants help the worlds beyond our minds. Not Would you like to visit the real camp of shamans ikitos and see with my own eyes, as adherents of the cult of Ayahuasca go through initiation with the help of a witching potion, and so dangerous that after its adoption by no means even all magicians manage to stay alive and don’t lose your mind?

Indian gurus, sadhus and avatars

Indian sadhus, gurus, avatars are collectively called great teachers and spiritual mentors whose mouth God speaks. These people voluntarily renounced the world and, focusing on spiritual practices, in every possible way help others, creating real wonders. For this, people rank them as saints during their lifetime on this sinful land …

Nepalese zakri

In Nepal, human wealth is still measured by his power spirit, but not money, as we have in the “civilized world.” From time immemorial in this country was ruled by spiritual masters who possessed not so much material wealth as amazing by willpower. Some Nepalese still know how to fly (climb into the air), they are called shamans, that is, living gods, concentrated in themselves the knowledge and traditions of the Nepalese people. Pilgrims come to Nepal to see such a living god. from all over the world …

Brazilian fetisheiros

In Brazil, there are also magicians – fetisheiros, who somehow managed to combine the spiritual traditions of several cultures – African, Indian and European. Endowed with certain for nothing, fetishes can do real miracles. Simple Brazilians believe that these sorcerers are intermediaries between them and themselves To the Almighty.

Russian Magi

Russian magicians have knowledge that has been for many thousands of years, that is why these healers and sorcerers who now live in many corners of Russia, considered the descendants of the Slavic gods. The Magi yet somehow keep secret knowledge about the divine essence of the universe, about the greatness of the common man and about spiritual connections in this world of everything of existing.

Haam Khakassia

Khakass wizards are a special category of sorcerers whose time about time for worship of higher powers their stone collects the patroness is the steppe Mother of the World herself. It’s even interesting how these magicians learn about it, living apart from each other at a great distance and without using modern means of communication, as they hear and understand Ulukh-Turtuyakh.

Caucasian basics

Caucasian basics, despite the terror against them from the side extremists continue to exist and still help people. This is addressed to them by ordinary people in the case when suddenly misfortune happens and wait for help is simply not from where.

Time Life Russia Shamans

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