Prophets come on the eve of disaster

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They constantly supplied strategic intelligence to Stalin and Hitler proactive information. In the USSR and the Third Reich, many leaders skeptical of Wolf Messing and Sergey’s forecasts Vronsky. And even the fatal end of the leader and the Fuhrer did not convince them contemporaries.

Today the American and Russian descendants of Kassandra, Merlin and Nostradamus vying claim that in the East soon we can expect an “explosion of uncontrolled total terrorism and the beginning of a permanent war. “Our material on how to evaluate such oracles modern intelligence services.

Oracles, magicians, clairvoyants appear on the eve of any shocks. As if someone was sending them to warn humanity is about upcoming disasters. They predict time. impending crises, and the consequences of these events.

So it was before the First World War, when in the role the harbingers of trouble were Papus, Guido von Liszt, Heiro, Grigory Rasputin, Hieromonk Innocent.

On the eve of the revolution in Russia and during the Civil War about disasters were broadcast by Sebottendorf, the Tibetan Dalai Lama Hutuhtu. IN Soviet Russia tried to put these mechanisms in the service revolution clairvoyants from the group of Gleb Bokii.

Before World War II, the most famous oracles were: Americans Edgar and Hugh Casey, Hubert Pierce, J.B. Rain, German Eric Hanussen, Swede Karl-Ernst Kraft, mentioned Wolf Messing and Sergey Vronsky, as well as Himmler’s astrologer Wulf and a number of others predictors.

During the Cold War, this function was quite successfully performed. Wang, Gerard Croisier, V. Tenhaev from Utrecht, Indian philosopher Bhagwan University Sri Rajneesh, Pentagon Albert Special Forces Stubbyne.

Oracle monopoly

Clairvoyants at all times revered as having a mental foresight and prophetic abilities. However always the authorities tried to monopolize oracle information and suppressed any the ability of opponents to use it. In the summer of 1924, a security officer Heinrich Yagoda ordered that in the USSR, “when allowing sessions the so-called clairvoyants, readers of thoughts, fakirs, etc. they were set conditions: 1) an indication on each poster that the secrets will be revealed; 2) on each session to give explanations so that the dark man in the street does not created faith in the other world, supernatural power and the “prophets.” Remember the “Masters and Margarita” by M. Bulgakov? And through several years in Germany, Hitler gave astrology the status of imperial science, but he also ordered the prohibition of all forms of prediction fate Immediately afterwards, confiscation took place throughout Germany. occult literature.

Gift of foresight

The clairvoyant’s gift of foresight is not a simple ability predict the future. They talk to the dead, sometimes they see the acts of the unborn are also clear as perceiving actions their contemporaries. The problem of explaining what they see is others are reminded in many ways of the eternal question of describing red to the blind. At the same time, the clairvoyant knows that the future cannot be changed: you can only adapt to it, and sometimes – just put up with it inevitability. The minus of clairvoyance is unprovability forecasts. An astrologer can always refer to horoscope indicators, fortuneteller – on the card hand, palmist – on the location of lines on the palms. The clairvoyant is deprived of all material evidence, and often they believe him only when the prophecy comes true.

Much depends on the intelligence of the clairvoyant and his innate ability to correctly interpret what he saw. After all, John received The theologian picture of the collapse of the Roman Empire beyond the end of the world. And so Wang, saying that Europeans at the beginning of the 21st century will be covered with ulcers, not explains what it is. Either a consequence of a chemical war, or these are the ulcers of corruption. This is why most clairvoyants possess the propensity to express predictions is ambiguous – it creates around them an atmosphere of omniscience, and also gives a margin of error predictions. So we have to talk about the future sparingly.

The CIA checks the Magi

Intelligence due to its functionality must capture trends that guide the world in its development. In the United States under the CIA for this purpose created a National Intelligence advice that aims to make forecasts for the coming years.

When working on a similar forecast, this tip is not limited to in-house and attracts various non-governmental experts. Extensive consultations are held with scientists and futurologists from other countries. I have to check forecasts oracles. That’s what the analysts of the US intelligence community compare disparate data obtained by agents, means operational technology, as well as information obtained through legal intelligence (open source processing). By unconfirmed According to the data, the same structure exists in the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Defense RF

Modern American and Russian clairvoyants, considering this with their duty, almost simultaneously told the world that 2014 would be the year when humanity comes close to the beginning of the Third World War II. The fact is that 2014 is dangerous because Uranus located in Aries, and this is a very warlike combination. Astrologers they fear the outbreak of permanent war in the East, while hinting at Iran.

Sorcerers scared Israel

Their predictions came after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says his country has taken over the full cycle nuclear energy production. In mid-April this year to Israel with Egyptian intelligence chief General Omar Suleiman arrived on a visit. IN Tel Aviv met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Defense Ehud Barak, President of Israel Shimon Peres, as well as the leaders of AMAN (military intelligence Israel), Mossad (political intelligence) and SHABAK (General Services security). Israeli and Egyptian parties refused Comment on this information.

In this connection, it should be recalled that a few months before of this, as part of strategic cooperation, Israel was visited by the head British Intelligence MI-6 Sir John Scarlett. His service, like Mossad, has a very extensive agent network in the Middle East. Mostly their spies seek information on Iran’s nuclear program.

At the same time, Iran’s President held talks in Tehran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. At the meeting security forces of both countries were present. It was announced that Tehran and Caracas start a joint campaign against consequences of the global financial and economic crisis in which Zionists in Israel and the United States are to blame. Ahmadinejad said that Tehran’s and Caracas’s relationship is a “role model.” Chavez, in turn, stressed that “the roots of the economic crisis – in a spiritual crisis that swept the whole world like a cancer tumor, which requires surgical intervention. In the meantime Venezuelan planes deliver components to Iran via Syria for missiles, despite UN Security Council resolution No. 1737 banning all UN member states, supplies, sales and transfers any materials and technologies for Iran to create funds nuclear weapons delivery.

Mysteries of the GRU

Against this background, the change of leadership of the GRU in Russia looks mysterious (military intelligence). At the end of April this year from the post of chief General Intelligence Directorate was released Valentin Korabelnikov. Instead, he led military intelligence Lieutenant General Alexander Shlyakhturov. I wonder if clairvoyants anything about what this may lead to.

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