Protective amulets from people of energy vampires at work and at home

Often, after communication, a person does not have strength, one feels devastated, tired, motivation disappears. All these symptoms indicate communication with someone who takes away the strength during communication. To protect themselves during a conversation from an energy vampire, amulets are used. They independently recognize the threat and ensure the safety of the owner.

amulets from people energy vampires

Who are energy vampires

There are several types of energy vampirism. When determining such a phenomenon, it is imperative to take into account the characteristics of each of the options.

  1. Active children who require attention, develop rapidly and learn about the world around them, are often energetic vampires. Up to 10, and sometimes up to 12 years old, a child receives information with interest from various sources: with the help of the senses, communication, reading or learning. At the same time, he unconsciously takes the strength of parents and adults from his close environment. Such influence does not apply to peers and younger children.
  2. Overly emotional people can also be classified as vampires. They feed themselves with the energy resources of others, as they attract attention to themselves. Thanks to the sympathy from their acquaintances, they feel safe, which prompts them to overload the interlocutor with a mass of information about themselves over and over again. Every time the conversation turns into complaints about life. It seems that such people really have a difficult fate: whatever is not the day, then the problem. Exaggerating difficulties, vampires receive the necessary 'dose' of alien forces, while the sympathizer is exhausted, finds himself in a state of emptiness.
  3. Another version of energy vampirism is to deliberately evoke sadness in the interlocutor. The fact is that when a person is sincerely sad, very worried about something, or even cries, then he does not control the resources of his body. Thanks to this, the vampire can easily take energy for himself, pitying or upsetting the 'victim'. Moreover, in such a situation it would be appropriate to help a melancholy friend. After listening and giving advice, everyone will feel needed, while for the vampire it will become an incentive to consume even more powers from the reserves of the 'victim'.
  4. Fueled by someone else's energy are often found among strangers. Such people try to get into a conflict, to cause negative emotions in the interlocutor. While the opponent will defend himself against criticism and accusations, the vampire will enjoy bad mood and resentment. No matter how weighty the arguments turn out to be or how significant the topic of the quarrel is, the stranger will take away the strength of the interlocutor, expressed in aggression.

How to identify an energy vampire

Defining an energy vampire is not difficult at all.

  • If a stranger behaves too aggressively, tries to attract the attention of others, starts a conflict without an objective reason, at the same time, his negative is transmitted to other people, then one should defend against his intention to take away his strength.
  • During the conversation, there is a desire to pour out the soul, tell the most intimate secrets, complain about difficulties. It is better not to show your emotions too directly and abundantly, otherwise you can be left exhausted after such a dialogue.
  • The conversation turns into a monologue of one person who, for no particular reason, regrets himself excessively, complains about situations, grumbles, and even shows suicidal tendencies. If this is repeated too often, then the acquaintance is only looking for a 'victim' for energy recharge, and does not at all need sincere sympathy.
  • When it comes to a child, his vampirism can betray capriciousness, when an adult tries to go about his business, lies, a quick switch from topic to topic in order to attract the attention of the interlocutor. If a parent or acquaintance paid attention to the child, then he will try to absorb as much energy as possible through questions or praise. But do not forget that this behavior is unintentional, it is present in most active children and will gradually disappear during the growing up period with proper upbringing.

ways to protect against energy vampires

Ways to defend against energy vampires

There are universal ways to protect yourself from the energy vampire. They take into account the situation in which the 'victim' found themselves, while it is not necessary to know the personality characteristics of the one who takes away other people's powers.

At work

Under constant load conditions, everyone needs an energy boost. Therefore, in the office, you can often stumble upon a person who, in one way or another, tries to take the resources of others. Protection from an energy vampire at work depends on his position.

  • Vampirism of a colleague during a conversation is easy to stop if you limit communication or reduce the range of topics for discussion. It's also important not to talk about personal things or issues outside of work. Otherwise, the vampire will know what leverage to use to attract attention, evoke negative emotions, pity or sadness.
  • It is more difficult to stop a boss who takes away the strength of a subordinate. If he raises his voice, reacts aggressively to employee mistakes, then it is important to limit emotions during the conversation, not to respond to a shout, and not to answer offensive questions. If the boss uses pressure or lures strength from a person with more sophisticated methods, it is important to take the position of an equal. As soon as a person stops playing the role of a subordinate, the capture of energy will stop.

At school or university

Protection from power and energy vampires in an educational institution also depends on the status of a person consuming other people's resources.

  • If a feeling of emptiness comes after a conversation with a teacher, then it is necessary to reduce the amount of displayed emotions. If he is neutral about talking in a raised voice, but expressing sincere gratitude for praise, then gradually the oppressor will weaken his ardor and stop taking away the student's energy.
  • If the energy vampire is a classmate, then the best way of protection would be to perceive his words as a joke. You should not take into account his rudeness, while talking to express only formal sympathy.
  • Indifference and minimization of conversations will help protect against vampirism on the part of primary school students. Without feedback and regular 'supplies' of energy, children will quickly lose interest in the older student.

In family

Relatives are people, from whose attention it is difficult to fence off. Therefore, to fully protect against vampirism within the family, it will take long practice and calmness.

  • If communication between parents and children consists of offensive words and minor insults, then it is necessary with irony to refer to such behavior of family members. Turning rudeness into a joke and accepting what is happening with a smile, a person will ensure a calm conversation without humiliation in the future.
  • A lack of interest in the topic will help protect against relatives who absorb a person's energy. If during a conversation a person is cold and stingy with emotions, then the vampire will not be able to receive energy and will stop the negative impact on the person.
  • If the vampire is a spouse, then it is worth talking openly. In a frank conversation, it is worth pointing out the reason why communication with a person brings a feeling of emptiness. It is also worth mentioning why this condition negatively affects the life of the beloved. In the future, if situations of vampirism repeat themselves, it is worth pointing out them, avoiding conflict and raising your voice. Perhaps the abduction of energy occurs unconsciously, and after a specific example, this problem will be easier to cope with. Thanks to these actions, the couple will be able to gradually overcome the absorption of forces and negative consequences.
  • Vampirism on the part of children is a phenomenon that can last for 10-12 years, therefore, to protect against it, it is necessary to change the way they spend time together. It is best to teach the child to books or read aloud, then the baby's need for new information will be satisfied. Don't forget about educational toys and puzzles. After the child has completed the task, have him talk about how he solved the task. It will take the vampire's interest for a long time. In other situations, it is worth turning the conversation into a game or an easy lesson with basic questions. By placing himself in the position of a teacher or leader, the parent will provide himself with a barrier from absorbing forces.

In an unfamiliar place or when talking with an unfamiliar person

In unfamiliar places, you can often encounter a vampire. It can be either an aggressive person or someone who requires attention and sympathy. The best defense is attack or ignore. In no case should you make excuses, defend your position.

It is best to agree, ask a question, or provoke an aggressor with sarcasm. Catching by surprise is the goal of such actions. In such a situation, the vampire will be confused and himself will find himself in the position of the 'victim'.

protection from energy vampires

If a friend turned out to be an energy vampire

It takes a lot of effort to protect yourself from a vampire friend.

First, you need to stop close communication. Secrets, personal experiences, complaints about problems – all this should not be in communication with this person. Then the vampire will not be able to manipulate, press on pity and cause strong emotions in the interlocutor.

Secondly, it is not recommended to meet in person with a person or replace joint walks with entertainment in the company of friends. Then the vampire will switch his attention from one person to others, or his desire to absorb energy will completely disappear.

Third, it is better to stop personal conversations with the person who is taking away the strength. As soon as information appears in the conversation that evokes compassion or negative emotions, you need to express pity or denial in a weak form, and then move on to a more neutral topic.

Do not think that if a person is pouring out his soul, then he is trying to take away the strength and resources from the interlocutor. We are talking only about regular vampirism, do not forget that the need for compassion can be sincere. In this case, you will also have to give energy, but this will be for the good of friendship.

Also, an important difference between a vampire and someone who really needs support will be the further state after the conversation. If the other person feels better and is grateful for the help provided, then this is a real friend, whose need for compassion has already been satisfied.

The vampire will not feel relief, and the complaints will be repeated from time to time during the conversation.

Wards from the energy vampire

  1. Amulets from vampires are a universal way of protection regardless of the situation in which you had to face an unpleasant person. Moreover, many amulets have an additional positive effect on a particular area of ​​life.
  2. A brooch or pendant with lemon agate is a powerful charm that attracts positive thoughts to the head, allows you to concentrate on positive memories or reflections on upcoming events. Such an amulet will allow you to distract from the actions of the vampire and block the transfer of energy to him due to outside pleasant reflections.
  3. Earrings with blue or transparent agate automatically form a mental shell that protects against deliberate absorption of energy by strangers. Moreover, such a talisman will help to understand what is true and what is false from what the interlocutor said.
  4. The tiger's eye, adorning the wrist or finger, protects the owner from unwanted communication with negative or aggressive people. Also, the magic stone develops a person's intuition, allows you to predict what to expect from communication with this or that interlocutor.
  5. Rock crystal is a talisman that cleans a person's thoughts from emotions and melancholy. Thanks to the objects created from this material, the house will be protected from the appearance of energy vampires in it. Moreover, family members will become more stress-resistant, and the number of interpersonal conflicts will decrease.
  6. If you put a rosary, a comb or any other wooden objects in your purse, you can increase your protection against an unfamiliar energy vampire. Also, magic items protect the owner from theft or loss of expensive items.
  7. The safety pin, skillfully decorated with tiny figures, is not only a cute decoration, but also a powerful talisman against evil eyes and the negative influence of others.
  8. The sun symbol and the sign of clover are runes that allow you to make protection from a vampire with your own hands. Any decoration or hand-made amulet will save the owner from energy depletion after communicating with a vampire.
  9. The amulet with the Hagalaz rune has a particularly powerful influence on the human environment. Thanks to the stroking of such a magical object, there will be no one left among acquaintances and friends who exhausted a person with their communication. Other people will come in their place, relations with whom will be more positive and useful.

Energy vampirism is a social phenomenon from which many in the modern world suffer. Despite the fact that many amulets used by our ancestors have survived to this day, there are ways to limit yourself from negative influence from acquaintances or strangers.

They are universal and based on the exact situation in which you had to meet with the energy vampire.

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