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This man has long been dead, but what was in his the possibilities with which otherworldly forces he contacted and moreover – used them, left a mark in the memory of all in contact with him.

It is clear that rely only on the memories of those who knew our the only one is not convincing evidence of the cures he is creating: people tend to exaggerate, especially when after events runs through a certain time. On the other hand, what are they from these exaggerations? And the feeling of gratitude rests: there is no person, depending on no him. That is why the story is amazing.

His name was Murat Nauruzovich Akhmatov. He died in 2002. I lived incomplete 37. Mother – Kabardian, father – Balkarian, but really no language I didn’t know one. Was married. Had children. Died violent death. He knew the date of his departure in advance. Many years before a tragic day. However, we will talk about what we know from words of his friend Yuri Yusupov.

Few people knew about the second, inner side of Murat’s life. He himself He didn’t tell others not to consider him inadequate. But what was happening inside him was impossible to hide for a long time. Into one moment people began to notice that in Murat’s hands constantly bruises appear. To questions from where, who beat, joked, from refused to punish offenders, translated the conversation into another topic.

And how do you explain the fact that bruises appeared on his body on their own. Appeared for the reason that in a dream to him a certain entity came and mutuzila that there are forces. Murat the first time only defended itself – put its hands in front of itself, covered them face, which is why bruises appeared on hands. But how much could continue? On the other hand, he didn’t strike himself, especially bruises sometimes occurred in places (on the back), where and want to reach not reach.

Once grandma Haua told about his nightly battles. She lived in The free aul, the Qur’an knew by heart, the neighbors treated it as effendi. Grandma was the first to call the person who came at night – genie, ordered to beware of him, to fight him. Not hands – prayer. A the main thing is not to be afraid. And one night Murat realized that the unexpected the guest is not as strong as he thought, moreover, he retreats before by his word and growing power.

And then Murat revealed something that allowed him to help to people. We know dozens of these cases, we don’t know which one was the first, so just a few.

… Madina Yu got eczema on her hands. Where not only treated, than not treated – no sores passed, only sprawled more and more. But the girl fell into despair after as an allergologist known in Nalchik made her diagnosis: “This incurable disease, daughter. Modern medicine is powerless, here nothing to do about”.

This conversation was conveyed to us almost in person, as well as the fact that happened afterwards. It was already known that Murat helps people suffering from various diseases, therefore turned from hopelessness for him. His treatment was very unusual. He put the girl opposite him and began to drive over places, affected by eczema, hands.

At first I just drove, then I started to collect something with body surface: raised fingers up and shook them. Sharp shook off, throwing something invisible on the floor. It was reminiscent of manipulation of healers – Philippine folk healers, activities which is not recognized by modern medicine, but the mechanism of action the patient relies on a similar placebo effect.

This went on long enough. Then Murat left the room and told relatives that the girl is healthy. Him naturally they believed, they left, dissatisfied and muttering. But what happened subsequently struck everyone: the next day, oozing wounds on hand covered with a film, hour by hour, in the literal sense of the word, began to shrink and soon disappeared. Just disappeared not even leaving a trace. As if they were not there.

Or such a case. The woman was diagnosed with gangrenous appendicitis. The appendix has gotten better. The patient was in a coma. The doctors retreated. The surgeon said bluntly: “One hope in Allah.” Further, according to witnesses, the following happened. Murat arrived. For a long time was next to the patient – the doctors allowed, since there were no hopes there was no cure.

When leaving, he said to the woman’s relatives: “Do not leave her alone – need. “Soon the caretaker noticed that from the can, into which the tube led, pus began to overflow. It was a lot. it seemed that someone was squeezing him out of the body by force. Pus stopped flowing only in the morning. And by dinner the woman opened eyes. The surgeon, to whom the relatives offered the money, did not take it: “My merit in this is not. In no way should she survive. “Survived and still live.

Another case. Sister Yuri, a teenage girl, fell into a coma. The reason – injured herself with a knife, accused of ugly act. Murat spent two hours in the room with her. Came out staggering empty, with a black face, said: “Sister came to, I congratulate you. “Indeed, the girl woke up, recovered. Moreover, soon her sobbing appeared in their house girlfriend and said that she was to blame for what happened. Said that her conscience was tortured, but Murat said: “I’m just your sister’s fear handed her, so she came. ”

Another episode. Named had a serious accident. IN Republican hospital was diagnosed with a fracture of the base skulls, bruise-crush of the brain. Relatives begged the doctors, and they just shrugged: “If there was pressure, we could try to help. “Someone remembered Murat, they brought him. He He went to the dying man, took his hands, said something barely audible. And – you can not believe this, but nevertheless it happened just like that – the pressure was 40 to 20. “Not enough,” the doctor said, watching in surprise for what is happening – we must still raise it. “And Murat tried: pressure became 90 to 60.

And what happened to the mother of Yuri. Tormented with my head, then stopped getting out of bed, eating, from powerlessness and pain, impossibility to care for herself, she decided, as she later said, to leave from life. Murat was left alone with her in the room. Called by name was telling something. Then he began to make passes overhead – as if I collected something with my hands and threw it aside. Mother began to fall asleep. And when I woke up, I ran (I hadn’t gone for a long time!) the toilet, and upon returning she asked for food. Since that time I forgot about headache.

Or not accidental. Neighbor Suleiman was diagnosed with cancer the stomach. In the Republican hospital, the abdominal cavity was opened and sewed up. The verdict of the doctors was: “Nothing can be done. Time missed. A year and a half will last, no more. ”

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Murat went to a neighbor who felt better after the hospital (he amused, even began to take food), looked at him and said: “Suleiman, do you want to live longer? If you want, stop drinking, to smoke. Let’s go to the forest, show you your tree. You will be him hug and it will delay your illness. Will not take, but delay. ”

Suleiman refused, and when a few months later he gave after all, Murat only waved his hands: “It’s too late, I’m nothing can’t help. “Soon the neighbor died.

Episode by episode, case by case. It’s impossible to believe them, but how not to believe if there are real people dying but continuing live. What is it? And what kind of phenomenon was Murat Akhmatov. Today we will not be able to answer these questions, no matter how tried hard. We can only tell how Nalchik worked the healer.

First of all, it should be noted that he did not do this all the time, didn’t accept anyone in bulk – only at the request of relatives or acquaintances. He didn’t demand compensation for the treatment, but the patient should was to leave some money lying on the table deployed handkerchief. No matter what, even an iron trifle.

“It’s not me who is flying, Murat said, these are others, they must see thanks for your help. “Before you start your manipulations, asked the patient for a birthday, some non-significant details from the biography. Could during the session go to the corridor, standing there, came back and told the patient you so-and-so, I am able to help, but the time is right for this not yet approached. He called the date when it was necessary to come to him. And already then he definitely helped.

Asking visitors, picked up a pen that seemed to she quickly and quickly displayed on the sheets of paper something similar to Arabic script: not words, not patterns. Then, sorting through these sheets, he said, what the patient is sick with, whether he can help him.

Could heal from a distance. They tell the case of a man living in three hundred kilo meters from Nalchik. He could not to make a diagnosis, and he was bending right before his eyes. Murat said that he knows how he suffers. Made an amulet that is imperceptible from the patient was sewn into his clothes, and he recovered.

Often warned about what is not worth doing. In particular, when his friend talked about new business partners, Murat interrupted him: “Get away from this business. They gave you a deposit (really given, but Akhmatov could not know about this), but they will demand many times more”.

Could unexpectedly say: “You’ll get a stomach in a month, but don’t be afraid – everything will form by itself. “Or a chance meeting with a guy, an electrician by profession, that happened with witnesses. That complained: supposedly, the back hurts, the doctor prescribed injections of chloride calcium. He made seven injections, but no result. Murat imperceptibly went to this man behind his back, stood, looked at something, only he saw it, then he took his friend’s comrade to the side.

“You know, said he has a very serious illness – inflammation of the right lung. The injections did not work and there is causes. I can help him, but for this he must ask me about it”.

They told the electrician, but he refused, afraid of something. Not less, the guys made him say a request for help. Murat did his famous passes, and then said the following: “That I did, it will bring back the power of the medicines you injected. But that is not all. Tell me, where are you sleeping? “” On the father’s bed. “” And from which your dead father? “” From lung cancer. “” So you have lung problems. Wall killed your father. And now she is killing you. Move the bed to meter from the wall and you’ll live. “It was scary to look at that guy, so he was struck by what he heard. By the way, he moved the bed; alive – he was recently seen in the city.

It happened that friends asked Murat to predict the future. More often he laughed at all, but if anyone was particularly persistent, sharply refused: “Why do you need to know him? Anyway, what should happen, happen. “It seemed like his death: he knew when he will die (he spoke about this long before the date, and practically a month before her, having warned of his imminent departure of friends), argued that this could not be prevented. However, for life fought to the last.

Died at the hands of a relative: Murat was going to get a divorce, the situation in the family was tense, brother decided to “talk” with him wives. Murat was much physically stronger than him, but from a knife naked you won’t be able to save your hands, especially if you were hit stealthily. And then, the runaway was finished off with blows to the stomach and heart. Not less Murat was still alive for some time after the arrival of the ambulance. Quite a short time … The killer had already served the appointed time, went to freedom lives.

Murat is not there and we will never know why he came to this the world that was to create, to whom to help. However, the last know: those whom he helped. These people remember him and share their memory with others. They tell how kind of person he is was; literally attracted people, fascinated them – with a smile, manner communication, the ability to hear.

… The question arises: does the story history? A story in which nothing was invented, but on the other – frankly smacking of mysticism. But the world is diverse and multidimensional, and if we are faced with something that we cannot understand from the standpoint objective reality, then it is necessary not to hush it up, much less grunt and ironic, but simply put in a piggy bank of those facts who are waiting for their explanation. Which will definitely be explained, only with time. And the time will come. Wait left not for long.

Victor Kotlyarov

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