Psychics Help Historians Reveal Secrets of the past

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Everyone knows that the police often resort to the help of mediums to the search for missing people or the disclosure of complicated crimes. But the first to attract psychics to solve “practical” problems, and not just out of curiosity, there were archaeologists. In fact, well, who can still accurately indicate the place where hundreds of years ago was an ancient castle, if not the spirits of the long-dead inhabitants of this very castle? Legendary place Photos from open sources

Glastonbury Abbey is the shrine of England. According to legend, his Jesus Christ himself visited. It is here that are believed to have been King Arthur and his beloved wife Guinevere are buried. In xi century, the monastery was a place of pilgrimage. Time did not spare the saint the cloister. By the middle of the XVI century, the monastery fell into decay, its the buildings were destroyed. Photos from open sources

In 1907, church authorities decided to hold excavations in the abbey. Church hierarchs hoped to find the remains of ancient buildings and return to the monastery at least part of the former glory. Frederick Bly Bond offered his services to churchmen, an architect and rather well-known in narrow circles amateur-archaeologist. Lucky Archaeologist Frederick Bond Photos from open sources

There was not enough money, they were obviously not enough for large-scale excavations. Time has not saved any documents. Work had to be blind. But Bond was not discouraged. He walked confidently through the vast territory where once there was a monastery and confidently pointed out to the workers: to dig here, here and here. Foundations were found in the first weeks the legendary chapels of St. Edgar and Loretta. Bond later found the remains of several more chapels, about which there was nothing previously it is known. By the end of 1908, an amateur archaeologist still found a bell tower, refectory, monastery kitchen, dormitory building, workshop, treasure (copper pot with 267 gold ducats) and a secret underground passage. Archaeologists enviously talked about amazing scientific intuition Bond, and the workers whispered: “He sees through the earth!” Bond became famous. Thanks to his archaeological success, he received a post diocesan architect. But apparently in a bad hour the devil pulled his language and in 1918, Bond wrote the book “The Gate of Remembrance”, in which revealed the secret of his luck. The secret of luck The archaeologist admitted that he used the services of a medium who established contact with the spirits of the long-dead Glastonbury monks. They then prompted the archaeologist where what was located, according to their prompts and excavated Bond. Bond Mediator was Bond’s longtime friend John Allen Bartlett. Frederick and John locked themselves in the room at night, where Bartlett plunged into trance and made contact with the spirits. Bond asked questions, and the monks through the medium answered them. Leaning on this information, and gave orders to the diggers Bond. Burst out scandal. Bond’s “ingenuity” church did not appreciate the connection The diocesan architect with perfume was condemned. Bond lost grain post and was suspended from further excavations. Experiments of Professor Ponyatovsky the architect was continued in 1936 by professor Warsaw University Stanislav Ponyatovsky. He attracted a psychic to work Stefan Osovetsky. The technique was slightly different. Osovetsky took in hands an item from the professor’s rich collection of finds, immersed in trance and “read” information from him: told who and when made an object, how this man lived, which he adhered to customs, beliefs, etc.

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Thanks to Osovetsky, several burials were found in Bogdanitsky forest – the ruins of a long-wanted church in Malburg fortress – six treasures of the crusaders. With an attack Nazis on Poland historical research was discontinued nor Poniatowski nor Osovetsky survived to the end of the occupation. Psychic archeology After a long break, the first immersion experiments were conducted in Canada in 1989 year. Professor Apache Indians Norman Emerson used the services of psychic George McMullen. Used as a Bartlett technique contact with spirits), and Osovetsky (reading information from subject). Emerson claimed that the information received by McMullen subsequently confirmed by 90%. In 1999, McMullen with Emerson’s archaeological expedition visited Egypt, where The “filing” medium was found by Cleopatra’s guest palace. Soon George became a regular member of all expeditions, along with a professor traveled to Lebanon, Syria, Palestine. In 2004, the excavations of the castle Glengulakin in Scotland McMullen indicated the location under stone slabs of several chambers. Archaeologists have found in them rusted weapons, and rotten food prepared for siege case. For other use attempts psychics archaeologists then slipped information about bringing them professional treasure seekers to search sunken ships. About the results of cooperation underwater archaeologists prefer not to spread. Apparently afraid that competitors will entice valuable employees to themselves.

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