Psychics really help find criminals

A few years ago in an inconspicuous house in one of the side streets Moscow gathered a few people. It was a police colonel, two of his colleagues and three invited civilians – a man and two women. Psychics really help find criminalsPhotos from open sources Colonel handed the guests Some photos of cliche for printing money. Civilian took them and I began to carefully consider. One of the women turned photos face down, and the second did not even touch them. A few minutes passed, and the three began to speak, complementing each other. friend. – I see the shore … Winter … – Evening, rather night … – I see moonlight in the snow … – Deserted coast. – Above the coast on Kosogore – a rustic wooden house with four windows. – Light in there are no windows … With some inner gaze they saw a man and women who leave the house with a very heavy bag and go to the river. The ice on the river is thin, cracking underfoot. Man and woman throw the bag in the wormwood and leave. Distance is not an obstacle. How further investigation showed, everything was just that. Counterfeiters resisted the temptation to print and print brand new bills, and after making enough, by their opinion, for a comfortable existence, the amount of money decided get rid of the main evidence. The most reliable is, as they say, ends in water. But the place they chose on the river turned out to be shallow. In the summer, children found cliches and dragged them home. And parents drew attention to the new “toys” that appeared in the house. So heavy lead plates were in the office of the criminal investigators the search, which was to solve this crime. It wasn’t even it is clear which side you can start the investigation. When all tried and tested features did not bring any results, invited three people who had to help before to investigators. The criminals who threw cliches into the water about a year ago now lived very far from this place. Gathered in the office Colonel was first called the region – Siberia, and then the city – Irkutsk “I see a house,” one of the women began, “old, with columns. The house has a cast-iron balcony. Near some kind of factory. Fence. Goal. The entrance to the entrance … – The house is gray, dirty, – continued the second is a staircase. The railing is torn off. Second floor … The place where there were criminals, and their appearance was described so accurately that operatives who have easily established where such a house is located, it only remained to go up to the second floor and call the desired Door. This is far from the only case disclosed. exclusively with the help of those who were endowed with rare and the inexplicable gift of direct knowledge – clairvoyance. Case in Moscow region In the Moscow region on the outskirts of the forest belt was discovered the corpse of a young woman. There were no witnesses to the crime. Investigative the group thoroughly searched everything around. In vain. The killer did not leave no evidence. The only thing that was discovered on the spot crime turned out to be a piece of paper with a few words. Apparently it was a piece of writing. Who owned the letter doesn’t install managed. Perhaps this scrap of paper had nothing to do with case. But maybe he fell out of the killer’s pocket. It was though small but a chance. And not in the hands of even the most experienced criminalist, and in the hands of clairvoyant assistants to investigators. AND again, everything is like in a movie. First they saw a man. Described in detail his appearance. Then – the apartment, house, street on which he lived. AND, finally, they called the city – Perm, located at a distance of more thousands of kilometers from the crime scene. Information received The investigation team helped them gather evidence. The killer in full confidence that no one will ever finds, stood trial. Senior criminal Another case. It occurred in the city of Smolensk. Two women – accountant and cashier – disappeared after receiving a large amount from the bank of money. Have they become victims of criminals, or have transgressed the law yourself? The investigation did not have any data on either girlfriend version. It was decided to seek the help of a clairvoyant Larisa D. She asked to show her photos of missing women and she immediately determined that they were no longer alive. To determine, where to look for buried bodies, clairvoyant needed detailed map of the city of Smolensk. But in the city of Larisa D. they did not “see”. Then they used the map of the nearest surroundings. Here she is “found” women. Designated a place on the river bank and said that they are buried shallow, about half a meter. Search Group who went to the indicated place, immediately discovered a burial place, which, indeed, was not very deep. Yes, the women were killed. But who? Larisa D. described in detail the appearance of the killer, the car, on which he drives. She said that he has power and has attitude to law enforcement agencies. Moreover, clairvoyant determined that this man was close to one of the murdered women, entered into a conspiracy with her to take possession of a large sum of money, and then killed both. So he was going to do from the very beginning. It was premeditated and prepared crime. And if not help of a clairvoyant, he would have remained unpunished. By man it turned out to be the city prosecutor. Nine days Larisa D. not the only one who, looking at the photo, can say is alive the person depicted on it or not. Some attribute this to that when a person dies, his portraits also change. Otherwise eyes look, otherwise lips are smiling. But some have these changes occur immediately after death, while in others – stretch in time. Once, the father of a military pilot turned to Larisa D. His the son is gone. Larisa peered at a photo of a young handsome men and felt that he was alive. She reported this concerned father. But she added that something happened to him – everything the body is in abrasions or in wounds – and it must be urgently sought in a small forest near the fork in the road. The police and relatives went there. They found pilot, but he was dead. Larisa D. experienced this loss with the father of the murdered, taking her very close to heart. But she is even stronger was concerned that she was so unforgivably mistaken, instilling in people unreasonable hope. She peered over and over again photo and saw that the person depicted on it is alive. But the photo as if faded away. Larisa watched the photo for several days and noticed that something that she felt on her like life fades. On the the third day after the death of a person, it faded, but it was still there, and completely extinguished on the ninth day. After this incident, Larisa D. many times I checked my observation in photographs of other deceased people. It turned out that if a person died his death, then the photo fades immediately. And if a person was killed, then only on third or ninth day. No one knows why, but happens exactly. Missing girl To psychic Svetlana A. the parents of a seventeen-year-old girl who disappeared from at home. The clairvoyant immediately said that the girl was alive, although since About two weeks have passed since the disappearance. Svetlana A. not uses neither the things of the missing person nor his photograph to determine whether he is alive or not. In this case, the parents of the missing the girls just called her on the phone. Over time after that, phone calls surfaced in the mind of a psychic. She asked if there were any calls after the disappearance the girls. And it turned out that someone called several times, but nothing did not tell. And then, when the image of phone calls appeared, Svetlana A. saw a girl walking along the street in an embrace with a young by man. She also saw him clearly. They went into the house, then in an apartment. Cooked dinner. Everything was fine. The clairvoyant appeared another sensation – a girl or news from her should appear after two months. All this psychic told relatives. So and it happened. Two months later, parents received a letter from their daughter, and soon she herself returned home.

Irina BAKHLANOVA Secrets of the twentieth century Water Time Money Psychics

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