Pudding sent out of the Earth disappeared

Pudding sent out of the Earth has disappearedPhotos from open sources of

High school students in the English city of Bakwell, County Derbyshire, sent on Monday, June 18, in near-Earth the space of the stratostat to which the pudding was attached. The aircraft is also equipped with a camera that monitors the condition dessert. However, now suddenly it became known that the dish “evaporated” from the balloon when it rose to a height above 16 kilometers.

A photo from open sources

The authors of the project claim that the pudding was fixed on the stratostat is extremely solid, and just like that, it could not fall. Thanks to this, rumors immediately spread that the sweetness had stolen representatives of an alien civilization, pozaritsya on earth I’m cooking up or just wondering what it is. So it or No, it’s impossible to say with accuracy, but to find what happened rational explanations school administration and involved in specialists can’t start yet.

On the Internet, users are also perplexed on this occasion, only basically in a different way – to whom it occurred to send dessert to the stratosphere? And most importantly – why? If in order in order to feed the aliens, the task can be said to be completed. It’s true only to the “C grade”, because to remove this “breakfast” so and failed. Why the organizers of this “show” with a balloon and wanted a pudding, actually? ..

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