Pyatak for happiness

Photo from open sources This ritual is designed for those who have already taken a decision for himself – does he believe in the supernatural and is he ready use the powers of magic rites. To those who say, “I do not I believe, prove to me! “- read” Abnormal news “, in my opinion, not required. If every time you start with “I don’t believe,” we never let’s move on. I recall how in the American book about psychics talked about a session of Uri Geller. This famous to the whole world, people showed scientists their abilities: took a glass tube into which a metal strip was placed or spoon, and sealed the ends of the tube. Then, holding her by the edges in front of her eyes of all, by force of will bent the spoon inside. When some a boring professor took it out with his nit-picking, he told him: “I I can’t bend a spoon for every professor! You are many, I – one! “And so I urge you to believe in the supernatural – and in great, and in the small, since the small is part of the great or his manifestation. And now we can talk about the nickle, which in our days will be replaced by a 5-ruble coin. At least I have it properly It turned out only with her. Very often a person finds himself in situations where he does not know which decision to make. Since ancient times in in such cases, it is customary to throw a coin, wondering which side she will fall. If the eagle is up, then choose one line of behavior, if tails – another. And very often they choose the wrong one. And going this is because you have to guess … wisely. How to do this?

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First of all, you need to be able to find a lucky coin. In the world many different things that a person can use on good. A lot of people have talismans, jewelry, happy dresses, ties or T-shirts, etc. But they are all already established themselves, already carried the “grace” of fate or higher powers. We have to find such a thing. Do it on coin example, and then you can come up with a search ritual and for any other thing. For most people except those who have developed psychic abilities, the method of “heads or tails” gives nothing. You understand that fate is determined not by a coin, but by laws and powers hidden from us. What laws and forces are these, we are in do not know the accuracy. But this does not mean that we cannot use them. The coin obeys a simple rule – 50:50. And this the discipline taught for a long time has definitely proved – theory probabilities. Probability theory tells us that if we toss a coin 100 times, it can fall, say, 48 times up an eagle and 52 – tails. If we toss 1,000 times, this ratio will be very close to 50 to 50, say 502 and 498. If you flip a coin more and more the number of times, we finally get 50 to 50. It should be so – because it has two sides, and for what reason one should come across to us eyes more often than the other? Here we come to the heart of the matter. Take 10 coins, for example, 1 ruble each. Label them somehow let’s say write on each number. Now toss over some flat bottom with high enough edges to make coins did not fly “overboard”. Pre-guess which side a coin should fall out. Put down on a piece of paper numbers from 1 to 10, and write down in the line which side which of coins fell. Bet if you have the side you guessed minus if not. When toss all the coins for the tenth time and write down the result, delete from the list the coin that showed the worst result. Set it aside. Now throw in exactly the same way 9 coins. After the tenth roll, “delete the next player from the field. “And so until you have one a coin that for some reason stubbornly more often than others guesses your thoughts. Why does this happen, God knows him, but it happens. This and have your lucky coin. Keep it, always carry it with you. AND when you get into a difficult situation, you will face a difficult choice, toss it, making a plan in advance: “Eagle – I do it, tails – so. “Soon you will see that your lucky coin is real helps you in life. And if it turns out that there is no help or, conversely, the prompted decisions turn out to be incorrect, which means as the people say, the demon pushed you by the arm. And you need the same a way to find another lucky coin. Vlad Ilyin, master white magic In general, it is clear that we are looking for an exception to the usual rule, looking for something that violates mathematical laws. Are looking for because instead of them magical laws begin to act. IN Today’s difficult times, such a coin will be very useful to you.

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