Pyramids continue to puzzle scientists

The pyramids continue to puzzle scientistsPhotos from open sources of

About the pyramids (not only Ancient Egypt, this also applies to others similar construction on Earth, unknown by whom and why constructed) many scientific works have already been written, a lot has been removed documentaries and even science fiction works of art. But the pyramids remain the greatest a mystery of the history of our planet.

It is difficult to assume that they were erected only in the form of monumental tombs, say, for the pharaohs (as for Egypt). And here it is not even how these pyramids were built at that time, in this scientists somehow, but still find digestible materialistic explanations. For example, that the same ancient Egyptians knew some kind of miraculous composition of concrete, of which they were all these “stone” blocks were poured, which is why they did not need to be taken from somewhere far away, nor lift.

But building materials and construction equipment are just one from many mysteries of the ancient pyramids. Why, let’s say, they are clearly verified on the cardinal points, somehow connected among themselves, being on different continents, not to mention the other wonders of these fantastic facilities.

Take, for example, the same ancient pyramids as the Egyptian ones, Kukulkan on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Norte Chico in the Andes or facilities of the xianyang valley in china. Recently, these pyramids again puzzled by scientists, because suddenly they began to show amazing activity. Already a lot of witnesses who saw how rays of fantastic light burst from the tops of these pyramids and rushed into space.

A photo from open sources

So, the Russian astrophysicist Anton Ermolenko is sure that scientists It’s time to get rid of the erroneous judgment about our world, which is far from being “material,” or, let’s say so, is not limited only material reality. And the pyramids built by someone all over the world is an excellent proof of this. And their increased recent activity is an additional confirmation of this. And at the same time, this may be a warning to us all living on Earth that global change is coming.

However, the impending changes are not noticed today unless blind, and in this case it means far from sight man …

Egypt Time Pyramids

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