Pyromania – a disease or a curse?

Pyromania - a disease or a curse?Photos from open sources of

Zoroastrianism – one of the oldest world religions, founded the great prophet Zarathustra. Many of her adherents for millennia worshiped the fire. The fire is constantly burning in their temples today, now, however, already small in number. True, fire worship may to have completely different, far from spiritual sources.

Tricky arsonist

Burning bonfire, sparkling in the dark, restless tongues flame in the fireplace – you can watch the mystical game of fire endlessly … However, there are people who are attracted by the frantic and formidable flame of devastating fires. Their desire all the time admire the fire develops into a disease called pyromania. This strange and terrible disease is characterized by impulsive arising and irresistible craving for arson.

Curious fact: young Vladimir Ulyanov (future leader proletariat Lenin), starting his career as a lawyer, defended against charges of several pyromania sufferers. Peasants of Simbirsk provinces, in order to admire the fire, set fire to their own homes. Process this Ulyanov lost.

A photo from open sources

Here is an even more interesting example. At the beginning of the last century on American ocean liner happened terrible and inexplicable fire. The radio operator continued to transmit the SOS signal until the batteries didn’t begin to explode under his feet. To the patient other ships arrived in time and saved the majority passengers and crew. All learned about the valiant radio operator country, he became a national hero.

And only after years it became known that this fire and a whole series of similar catastrophes was arranged by this very “hero”, invariably featured as a witness or even an active participant fire extinguishing. A thorough investigation was conducted after committed his murder, and double. It revealed everything atrocities of a pyromaniac radio operator.

Agile, cunning and intelligent, knowledgeable in chemistry and electrical engineering, this man made self-igniting small-sized devices and installed on the objects selected by him – and then he expected a response in order to admire the raging elements fire. Human suffering did not bother him.

What makes arsonists do so cruel

July 6, 1944 in the American city of Hartford (Connecticut) a giant circus tent filled 6 thousand spectators, mostly women with children. The tarpaulin awning of this circus did not impregnate flame retardant composition (as safety equipment required), and a mixture of paraffin and gasoline, on the contrary, enhancing fire. It has become a fatal mistake of the circus administration, which decided to save on this one. At 14.30 the tent flashed near the main entrance.

On the walls, the flame rushed to the dome, and in a few minutes the tarpaulin tent was already blazing and falling to pieces. Top to people flew shreds of burning canvas. In a panic, the audience rushed into the arena. The crush began. The road to salvation was blocked by three collapsible corridor designed for animals. The one who could not climb through these corridors, they simply trampled. In this place crowded about a hundred people. All the unfortunates died under those who fell on them. huge pieces of burning tarps.

Trying to save someone, circus performers rushed to the hell and workers, policemen … But here with terrifying crack and noise on people six gigantic pillars that previously supported the dome collapsed. Behind 10 minutes in a hellfire of death 168 people, about half a thousand suffered from severe injuries and burns.

A photo from open sources

Six years after this disaster, the Hartford police a certain Robert Dale Segri appeared. The man admitted that it was he set off a fire in the circus in July of the fourth, and intentionally. Segri told about the details of his crime. On the he was fourteen at the time of the tragedy, but before that, Robert committed many arson attacks, including a store, a boat berth, Salvation Army center, school building, etc. Segri said that the horseman called for all such “feats” in a dream, being on a red horse.

The court sentenced the arsonist to forty years in prison; it was a very soft punishment for such serious crimes …

Fortunately for us, pyromania is a rare disease, and numerous fires break out, as a rule, without the participation of artful arsonists. However, pyromancers still exist, and for the time being, quietly and mrno live among us, presenting a huge threat to people …

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By the way, pyromancers are also called people who, without any visible causes burn themselves. Burn from some mystical inner fire, on the one hand, with great strength, capable of turning a person into ashes in a matter of minutes, and with another – characterized by fantastic selectivity, when except the body does not burn anything, sometimes even the clothes remain intact. Watch the Pyromaniac documentary on this: flamethrower man. ”

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