Pythia without fear and reproach

Pythia without fear and reproachA photo from open sources

So in the USA they call the famous fortune teller Jean Dixon. In November 1944, Gene Dixon, already recommended a reliable predictor, invited to a seriously ill President Roosevelt. He received her in the Oval Office and after bluntly exchanged greetings asked: “What time do I have left for the affairs that I have to complete? “Guest asked permission to put a hand on the president’s hand and did not answer immediately: “Not more than six months.” Roosevelt was silent for several minutes, coping with stress, and started a conversation about Russia: how to deal with this huge and incomprehensible country? Dixon replied that Russia, to unfortunately, will not be an ally of the United States after the war, but in more in the distant future, two nations will become friends. Second invitation to Dixon received the White House in January 1945. Roosevelt and this time immediately asked: “Well, now how much time do I have left?” The forecaster pointed with her thumb and forefinger: “Here so much. “The distance between the fingers is no more than an inch. Roosevelt sadly nodded and again started a conversation about post-war politics, about Russia and the USA: how will relations develop? .. “They will become allies in the face of threats from red China, “- Jin answered. “Red China?” The president asked. “But China not red at all! We have no problem with him. “” I looked at my crystal ball, said the fortuneteller, and I see exactly: China will become communist. “In February Roosevelt went to Yalta to the Allied Conference. And on April 12 passed away, passing the next course of hydrotherapy. Since his time The first meeting with Dickson took six months. At first it it seemed the game “Washington Pythia” was born on January 3, 1918 years in Medward, Wisconsin. Soon her father, rich a timberman named Pinkert, moved with his family to California Gene spent his childhood there. A visionary gift was revealed in her very early. Baby just started talking once I asked my mother to give her a “letter with black edges”, play. Surprised Mrs. Pinkert could not understand what the daughter was asking for. A a week later a letter arrived announcing the death of her father. Later Gene stood up for Ernie’s brother when his parents forbade him to play in football. She stated that he will become a great football player and father with mother will be proud of him. Ten years later, the name Ernie was entered in the Book of Honor of American football. The first time in the family The Pinkertes did not attach importance to the “revelations” of little Jin, and she she could, for example, suddenly guess that her father would bring a big deal from Chicago a black and white dog, although this had never been discussed before. Or that rabbits will run away from their neighbors. A photo from open sources When the girl was eight years old, Mrs. Pinkert took her to the estate of Luther Burbank, where she lived gypsy fortune teller. Looking at the girl’s palm, the fortuneteller stated that she will become a famous fortune teller, since such lines in the palm of her hand, like hers, occur once every thousand years, and Gin gave a crystal ball in which, according to her, the girl able to read the future. Jin really liked the new toy, showing all sorts of interesting pictures. But they were “shown” only her, and the believing mother saw in this the providence of God. “Once the Lord rewarded you with a visionary gift, you should only use it for the benefit of people, and not for personal gain, “she told her daughter. Do not believe it – you lose In 1939, Jin married wealthy businessman James Dixon. Newlyweds moved to Washington. Soon, Jean had the opportunity to force and skeptic husband believe in the reality of her visionary gift. She literally with tears, begged James not to fly to Chicago. And on the next morning on the radio reported that the plane in which he about to fly, crashed, all passengers died. Since husband never questioned his wife’s forebodings. Which, alas, is impossible say about others. So, Gene warned the famous actress Carol Pawnshop and her friend that they should not fly for six weeks by plane. Both did not heed her warnings and died in air crashes. During World War II officials and diplomats often turned to her to find out how events will develop on the fronts. At one of the receptions in January In 1945, she predicted to Harry Truman that he would become president. United States, and four years later predicted his re-election to this fast. Winston Churchill during his visit to Washington in the spring of that the same year, Dixon warned that he should not rush to the election, otherwise he will fail. British leader condescending laughed at the American forecast. “England will never let you down me, “he said, and … after his election for June lost the post of prime minister. In the fall of 1946, she reported to the Indian diplomat, that in a year there will be a division of his country. “This is not will never! “- he objected. February 20, 1947 newspaper reported the emergence of a new state of Pakistan. In 1947, Jin had a vision that Mahatma Gandhi would fall victim to a fanatic killer. Six months later, on January 3, 1948, this happened. In the end In 1956, her prediction about approximately seven years later, the successor of Jawaharlal Nehru will be a man, the surname which begins with the letter “w”. The crystal ball did not fool Gene: May 27, 1964 Indian Parliament entrusted the post of Prime Minister countries of Lalu Bahadur Shastri. Black clouds over the White House Gene Dixon’s most visions were connected with John Kennedy. Back in 1952, in the Cathedral of St. Matthew she discovered a strange picture: the figure “1960” shone over the White House in Washington, and before he appeared the figure of a tall blue-eyed man with a thick reddish hair. Then a black cloud appeared over the figure, and Gene said in the presidential election in 1960 the year will be won by a democrat who will later die violent death. And although in 1960 Democrat John F. Kennedy became president, according to the description of the person from the vision, no one accepted in earnest her warnings of an impending disaster. At the end of October 1963 years, Jin met Kay Hall, a friend of the Kennedy family, told her that she sees blacks gathering over the White House clouds: descending lower, they stretch to the southwest, to Texas, where the president is going to go. She begged to persuade Kennedy refuse to travel. Hall promised, but then decided it was stupid ask the president such a request … Ask God. is he will confirm! A large place in the predictions Dixon occupied the USSR. It’s not that she made him stand out. Just so many asked about this country. May 14, 1953 Dixon invited to participate in the NBC program. which went to live broadcast. She intended to talk about recent visions, concerning Nepat. But hardly the presenter introduced her as another participant, former US ambassador to the USSR Davis, asked: How long did Matenkov will be the prime minister? Peering into a crystal ball. Gin said she saw “a man with an oval face, green eyes and a small beard “, which in two years, maybe earlier, will replace Malenkov. A photo from open sources Davis burst out laughing: in Russia premieres in they do not leave their resignation; they either die or are shot. Gin firmly objected that she only spoke of what she saw in the ball, and continued: “The bearded will rule in Moscow for a short time. He will be replaced bald fat man. This silver ado will rise into space a silver ball, which will fly around the earth and, like a dove, will sit on its shoulder Russian leader. “After a little thought, she added what this could mean only one thing: the Russians will be the first in the world to launch an artificial satellite. The next day, Dixon was invited by the Soviet ambassador Zarubin. He directly asked from whom Gene learned about the Soviet space the program. “From God,” Dixon replied bluntly. Among Witnesses of her forecast regarding the launch of the Soviet satellite was Andrew Haley, Advisor to the International Federation of Astronautics and American Institute of Aeronautics. Ten years later, he decided using her clairvoyance, find out the details of the Russian space program. On August 14, 1963, Hayley convened a scientific consultation. Gene Dixon, much to the dismay of scientists, is not I was able to tell them no technical details. She only said one: “I saw the launch of a silver ball over Russia, which made a revolution around the globe clockwise. Then he changed the direction of his flight to the exact opposite. When the satellite appeared in the night sky over America, all of it was bright lit up. And suddenly plunged into darkness. I can only give this one interpretation: Russians have a secret companion who can disable our communications and power systems, and also air navigation. “The next morning, an official came to her office from the Pentagon and demanded that Gene disclose a genuine source their information, otherwise the consequences will be the most serious. “I do not foresee any complications in my fate,” Gene said. As for the source of information, it is available to everyone. This is the Lord God. Turn to him and he will confirm that I am telling the truth. ” Particularly clearly, Dixon saw the impending tragedies. So, in December 1966 years, she warned Gene Stout, wife of the department head manned space flight control that astronauts, who are preparing to fly to the moon, threatens death. Here is her vision: “On the floor of the rocket lies something strange – thin, like foil. If a tool will fall on it or someone will step in the heel, to be in trouble. Under the floor I see a tangle of tangled wires. Astronauts are threatened death. I can feel their souls leaving the burning capsule in the clubs smoke … “A month later, on January 27, 1967, during a training session inside Apollo 1, Virgil Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee. Short circuit wires under Chaffee’s chair an atmosphere of pure oxygen caused an instant flash of flame. Gene Dixon said that information about future events comes to her through several channels. Firstly, these are signs that occur during the physical contact of the fortune teller with a person. Contact helps her “tune in to a person’s wave, catch his vibrations, “and his whole life appears before her, as in past and future. The second source of information is its crystal ball. Predictions with it also require a lot of consumption of her own energy. After the sessions she observed a breakdown, and often she even experienced mental and physical the suffering of others. The main source of foresight is visions. Them she felt approaching in two or three days, but they could arise and completely unexpected. “Vision is different from what I see in a ball like day from night. When it descends on me, everything, even the air around is changing … I’m sort of separating from everything around me, and nothing earthly can touch me. I feel like hovering in above, from where boundless horizons open, which for some reason not everyone else sees. Moreover, the vision is always absolutely complete, down to the smallest detail. It does not need to be interpreted, it opens immediately and in its entirety … “Gene’s list of fulfilled prophecies quite impressive. She accurately predicted the outcome of all, for one exception, US presidential election, the death of John Foster Dulles and the suicide of Marilyn Monroe, the resignation of the German Chancellor Conrad Adenauer and the 1964 Alaska earthquake, demolition Berlin Wall and more. Gene Dickson Died January 25, 1997 of the year. For scientists, it remained a mystery. Sergey Dyomkin “Miracles and adventures” №2 2014

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