Radiation from people: the search for the scientific explanations

Radiation from people: seeking a scientific explanationA photo from open sources

We are surrounded by electromagnetic waves and other forms of energy, which we are not aware of. For example, we know about the availability of Wi-Fi, because because our computer device is connected to it, and not because that we physically feel it.

We can unconsciously feel the kind of energy associated with the thoughts and emotions of others, says Dr. Bernard Bateman. Our bodies possess receptors to fix this energy. is he studies the work of the brain and the energy emitted by living creatures to understand the physical nature of these “fluids”.

Bateman is a visiting professor at the University of Virginia and former head of the Department of Psychiatry at Missouri university. He attended lectures at Yale Medical School University and completed his study of psychiatry at Stanford. At he often had the feeling that he was catching a state of thinking their patients, and it was not associated with objective clinical observations. He developed an interest in studying nature. a similar phenomenon.

Many people can share similar experiences. Did that you had a special impression (and then it turned out right) about the person you just met, and this impression was not caused by his behavior, appearance and actions?

Perhaps something in the gestures of this person and the manner of speaking gave you information at a subconscious level? Or do people radiate energy that can be captured in the same way that we capture smells in the air? Can we “smell” a person’s personality?

Observations of nature support the theory of energy perception.

Unicellular organisms “react to light, chemical reactions and electromagnetic radiation in order to maintain an optimal state, ” – writes Dr. Bateman in an article that has not yet been published, but he sent her to The Epoch Times. He adds that like our skin may contain sensors for the perception of thin forms of energy and information.

It is believed that plants and animals emit and perceive energy that we do not see.

Sharks have sensors in their skin to detect subtle electromagnetic changes in water. Birds feel electromagnetic field of the Earth, which helps them to accurately find the way at flights. But this hypothesis is not proven. According to other theories, migratory birds orient themselves using their sense of smell, capturing subtle smells of native places.

A study of the radiation of biophotons, or “auras,” showed that plants emit and capture energy from each other and possibly communicate with this energy.

Aura: the energy we radiate?

Aura around a man’s finger in a kirlian photograph.

A photo from open sources

Dr. Gary Schwartz and Dr. Catherine Crete in 2006 in a journal, dedicated to alternative medicine, published a study under titled “Imaginary auras around plants: a new understanding of biophotons. “The topic of having an aura has always been considered very controversial in academia, especially the assumption that the aura is physical evidence of the existence of the soul.

Dr. Schwartz received his doctorate at Harvard, taught psychiatry and psychology at Yale, currently he is a professor at the University of Arizona. Dr. Crete – Adjunct Professor Opticians at the University of Arizona.

Schwartz and Crete write: “Having studied thousands of images in the last two years, we began to notice that in the “noise” surrounding the plants, there are patterns. Biophotons not only went beyond plants, but also intensified when the plants were close to each other from friend. Can these structures be an aura surrounding the plant? Is it possible that between plants resonance or some kind of communication? ”

Then they answer in the affirmative: “The complexity of biophotons, the complexity of these structures between parts of the plant suggests potential resonance or communication between plants, as the modern theory of biophotons suggests. ”

Kirlianova photo of the aura of the plant from the book Vita occulta plantarum (The Secret Life of Plants) by Mark D. Roberts.

A photo from open sources

Bateman believes that further research on the ability of people to communicate in a similar way when help energy. He knows that in the scientific community is skeptical relate to such studies: “In our world, any thing must be measured before it is accepted or considered real. ” measuring this type of energy can be very difficult.

Can we consciously enhance this perception?

Observing his patients, Bateman concluded that their drug prescription affects how people respond receptors in the brain for drug molecules.

“What we think about medications seems to affect function of our receptors, he writes. – Perhaps our intentions and expectations activate new receptors or change sensitivity already existing. ”

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