Rain fell out of lamprey in Alaska

Rain fell out of lampreys in AlaskaPhotos from open sources Alaska Department of Fisheries and Hunting strange calls from downtown Fairbanks downtown. Citizens call the department and report that they appeared on earth scary creatures like slimy snakes with huge round mouths.

One monster was noticed by a hairdresser near his establishment, one resident of the city found a lamprey on the roof of a car. Living individuals appeared in parking lots, city roads, in the territory local school. In total, several dozen cases were recorded. Given the disgusting appearance of sea creatures, you can suggest that for the townspeople such a surprise was not the most enjoyable.

The specialists left for a couple of calls and found out that the lampreys really fell from the sky. Similar phenomena, however, are not are a rarity. In different parts of the world periodically rainfall in the form of earthworms, snails, crustaceans, jellyfish, spiders, lizards and even mice. Scientists are sure that everything is to blame strong streams of air that raise clusters of animals, often out of the water, and carried over considerable distances. Earlier They attached supernatural significance to such phenomena – remember biblical frog rain called the divine punishment.

Lampreys are parasitic predators. Adult Length may exceed one hundred centimeters. Disc-shaped fish mouth dotted sharp teeth and serves to suck on the victim’s body. Glands in monster’s mouth produce a special substance that prevents blood coagulation, because the wounds inflicted by the parasite, tend to be fatal. None of the inhabitants of alaska less, was not injured, since lampreys practically do not able to move. Yes, and not to eat them in this position …

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