Rain seller Charles Hetfield

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At the very beginning of the 20th century, Charles traveled throughout the United States Hatfield who was selling … rain. He was not a scammer. is he really knew how to control the weather and cause precipitation. To his help was resorted not only to individuals but also to authorities states, and even the government of some states. Probably today Arab Emirates would pay Hatfield for his secret billions of dollars.

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Demand creates supply

The agriculture of America at the beginning of the 20th century is endless corn, potato and cotton fields. Time to rain made the farmer rich; for several months droughts made him a pauper. When the earth scorched by the sun became hard concrete, the farmer is ready was to pay even an Indian shaman and dance with him “rain dance”.

Australian Frank successfully traded rain in the 1890s Melbourne The rain professor’s fame burst when reporters found that Melbourne carries a barometer with him, and a special the courier regularly brings him weather forecasts.

Clayton Jewell ballooned to the upper layers dynamite charges that undermined there. Rare successes alternated with more frequent failures.

In contrast, Charles Hatfield gained lasting fame. “the lord of the rain.”

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“Wet business”

At the end of the 19th century, Hatfield traveled around the States, serving sewing cars, and earned this 125 dollars a month. Along the way he studied meteorology, physics, chemistry, bought chemicals and conducted experiments. In his dreams was to find a way to artificially cause rain and do business on it. This lesson promised him much higher fees than sewing equipment.

In 1902, he finally got a mixture of 23 gradients, able to provoke precipitation. He began with the conclusion of ordinary bets. about the weather for the coming days. Send the first money.


In 1904, Charles decided it was time to put the business on commercial rails. He attracted the cooperation of his younger brother Paul and in the midst of a dry summer in several California newspapers advertised that for a modest 50 Hetfield brothers organize rain anywhere in the state. Several desperate farmers chipped in and responded to ad.

Charles and Paul drove into place, built a 6-meter tower on the mountain and sprayed their powder from it. After 2 days, the sky fell over earth with life-giving moisture. Happy farmers before day and night guarding the brothers (there will be no rain – so even let us take a soul), on joys poured to the “saviors” not 50, but 100 dollars.

Sell ​​rain

Glory scattered instantly, orders began to arrive in packs of all over California. State Meteorological Bureau tried write off success on a cyclone, in response Charles made a contract with Los Angeles City Council for “rain supply”, promising in case failure to pay a huge penalty. Forecasters said loudly that during the next 5 days there will be no rain. However on the day after spraying the powder, the rain poured as from buckets.

“Lord of the rain”

Glory grew, fees grew. Hatfield has already concluded contracts not just to organize rain, but also guaranteed rainfall in quantities not lower than the specified minimum. Sanatorium “Esperanza” posted $ 1,000 for 46cm. precipitation. Canadian city medicine hat under by pressure of the surrounding farmers concluded a contract worth $ 8.000 for “supply” 4 inches (10.16 cm) of rainfall. Rain first drizzled, and then went into the rain and several times closed minimum ordered.

In 1928, Hatfield filled Lake Greater with rainwater. Bear (California), and a year later – put out the fire in Honduras.

Charles also had setbacks. In 1906, the Government of Canada signed a rain contract in the Yukon. However rain despite the best efforts of the “lord of the weather” did not go, the deal was terminated.

But Hatfield had the biggest failure in 1916. To the authorities San Diego had to fill up a shallow reservoir with water. IN at the end of December, Charles built several towers, sprayed the mixture, and what do you think happened? Nothing happened? Worse: Hatfield caused a natural disaster.

A photo from open sources

Overdid it

On January 5, rain fell on a dry-dried city, lasting more than 2 weeks. Both the reservoir and dried river beds. Water overflowed, destroyed bridges, railroad, flooded houses, farms. The damage amounted to more than 3 million dollars. Instead of paying the promised promise to Hatfield $ 10,000, authorities sued him for damages.

The lawsuit lasted 22 years and only added fame to Hatfield. IN In 1938 he was acquitted, because, in the opinion of the judge (attention!), “no man can rain, it’s only in power Almighty “(!)

Dry business

The end of the career “rain caster” put the Great Depression. Farmers’ product prices fell 50%, the government to save agricultural sector pursued a policy of reducing the number of agricultural production, reduction of sown areas. Irrigation program drove the last nail in the coffin lid of a unique business. Hatfield again started selling sewing machines.

Charles died on January 12, 1958, never revealing a secret powder formulas. During his activity as “overlord Hatfield weather caused more than 500 rains, however scientists didn’t even put forward versions of how he did it. Charles himself said that he only “helps nature, gives the necessary impetus,” but these words do not give even a hint where to look for a clue.

It is noteworthy that although the fame of this man extended from Canada to South America, a monument to him was erected in San Diego, where he survived his biggest fiasco. On a pedestal unpretentious the inscription: “Hatfield. The seller of the rain.”


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