Rare natural phenomena sometimes scare, sometimes admire

Rare natural phenomena sometimes scare, sometimes delightA photo from open sources

Moreover, no one really knows what it is and where it comes from. Of course, scientists immediately put forward various theories, but they often contradict each other, moreover, as we all know, with over time, the views (theories) of a particular phenomenon in the world are changing, and because to say with absolute accuracy now what is it, just not allowed. One can only be surprised and, if so much bake, shrug bewildered …

Cloud fell to the ground

It happened the other day in the US state of Montana: near the city Bozeman huge cloud suddenly fell to the ground. And not just fell then it went down a high and terrible wall into the city.

All this caused mystical horror among the inhabitants of Bazeman, after which a real commotion began in the city. Some even talked about the second coming of Jesus Christ, although most Americans considered that this phenomenon is a harbinger of some natural cataclysms, which scared them.

A photo from open sources

Forecasters had to enter on local television with explanations that there is nothing supernatural in a fallen cloud, and a cloud storm in the form of a formidable wall was formed, supposedly due to recent storm.

I must say that such a prosaic explanation is few of the townsfolk arranged. First, people do not have weather forecasters at all faith, especially recently, when the weather in the USA became what the hell is going on. And secondly, official explanations mysterious phenomena have long been perceived by ordinary citizens America, as excuses that in most cases hide the true cause of what is happening …

Fortunately, nothing bad after the cloud fell and a little scared people did not happen. Forecasters were right, however, as local journalists noted, for some reason this did not add employees of the weather service authority and trust from fellow citizens.

Gigantic jet lightning over Hawaii

A thunderstorm passed over the Hawaiian Islands scope and beauty of lightning that flew far into space. True, this unusual sight was accessible only from the astronomical Keck Observatory, whose employees captured a unique natural phenomenon (see video).

A photo from open sources

Frankie Lucena from Puerto Rico, well versed in lightning bolts so commented on the video, which soon hit the Internet (was first posted on the observatory website, and then went “walk” on social networks and so on):

Just awesome! These are giant jet lightnings having the nature of sprites, however differing from the latter by more powerful discharges, why they can be seen even unarmed look. In the video, we observe three powerful fire jets that break out of the thunderstorm front and swiftly go up – it even seems to go into space. However, in reality there is only one the most “strong”, lightning reaches the ionosphere, that is, rises about eighty kilometers. The rest of that more modest …

Member of the research group “Lightning” Polytechnic Academy of Catalonia Oscar van der Velde adds to the above Frankie Lucena:

Despite the fact that even sprites were discovered scientists only in 1989 (we can say, more recently), giant jet lightning is generally a new phenomenon for everything scientist of the world. New and practically unexplored, since there are first recorded only fifteen years ago in Taiwan and in Puerto Rico, and since then, it cannot be said that they have watched so much often to get closer to unraveling this mystery of nature. More often these fiery emissions can see pilots of airliners going on high altitude, and only over the open ocean – here’s another one riddle.

However, scientists still somehow try to characterize the inkjet lightning and give them an explanation, for example, equating them with sprites, meteor showers, auroras and silvery clouds, i.e. natural phenomena that manifest themselves in the upper atmosphere of our planet. Some researchers associate these fantastic lightning with cosmic rays, believing that they are “ignited” by secondary electrons formed from subatomic particles of deep space, reaching the top of the earth’s atmosphere. However, all this is only theories …


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