Real recorded superpowers of man

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Everyone has heard that some of us are telepaths. or clairvoyant, but no one can prove that the abilities of these people really exist. Meanwhile, the person is actually may possess “superpowers” that seem to us unusual, but directly related to some features of the brain or physiology. Let’s talk about them. Absolute memory is people who with absolute accuracy remember everything that they ever seen or heard. For example, Japanese Akira Haraguchi could recall from memory the first 100 thousand digits of pi … Russian journalist Shereshevsky easily remembered the ranks or tables of 50, 100 or more numbers, easily kept long memories series of words, including in foreign languages, and even meaningless syllables … And one American nicknamed Woman Calendar is capable of to recall any date of his life since 1974, to name the exact day of the week and describe in detail what events are with her then happened. Autistic people often have absolute memory. So, Rain Man Babbitt was able to read by heart the contents of about 12 thousand books. Absolute pitch Should such a person hear some sound, how can he exactly reproduce it. Experts believe that such people first classify sounds and remember them by categories, and then determine to which category this sound belongs. They are identify frequencies. This allows them to easily sing any note or chords of a song that was heard only once. Extended light perception Ordinary people only recognize light in red, green and blue light spectrum. In addition, in each of these ranges, we are able to distinguish about 100 shades. People with enhanced light perception is also seen in ultraviolet range, allowing them to perceive up to 100 million color shades. According to experts, this is more common for women, than men. Interestingly, color blindness, which is more common in males can be inherited from a woman with extended light perception. Sonar is well known that this ability developed in bats. They emit a sound and then echoes locate the object. Such a gift is found sometimes and in people. Especially often for the blind, since it is for them very It is important to navigate in space without the aid of vision. Super Taste These people have a very subtle sense of all shades of taste of what came into their mouths. The fact is that they have in the language of birth there is a mushroom growth on which there are additional taste buds. As a result, the taste response is more pronounced than others. Such people often choose a profession. tasters. Superbanya They discern the slightest smells and their shades, even where ordinary people feel nothing. Example – the hero of the novel by Patrick Suskind “Perfumer”. Yes, it’s not easy for such people happens to live, because they can constantly suffer from those around them bad smells. But on the other hand, they are able to enjoy and inaccessible by another bouquet of exquisite aromas … suitable profession as a perfumer or perfumer taster. Genetic chimerism Homer gave the name to this phenomenon, who described in the Iliad a being whose body parts belong various animals, chimera. Chimerism is also called scientifically tetragametism. It happens that two fertilized eggs or embryos in the early stages of pregnancy merge and as a result a person carries two sets of genes, not one. Sometimes it affects appearance and physical condition of a person, and sometimes only in DNA analysis. In the medical literature about a hundred such cases. It is assumed that chimerism in humans is a consequence of taking drugs for infertility. For example, one woman has parameters the heads were noticeably different from body parameters. When she should have transplant a kidney, it turned out that not one of her sons can to be a donor since she … is not their mother. Research showed that a woman’s ovaries have two genomes. All these things at first glance seem incredible miracles. But each of These “miracles” have a very clear scientific explanation, and most of them are genetic in nature.


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