Rectangular and rainbow clouds puzzled North Americans

Rectangular and rainbow clouds puzzled the inhabitants of North AmericaA photo from open sources

In North America, in recent months they have become more and more frequent. notice mysterious heavenly anomalies, among which especially clouds of a rectangular shape are common, as well as rainbow clouds colors.

Rectangular clouds

In Canada, the United States, Mexico, and other states of this mainland this year, dozens, if not hundreds similar phenomena. Their nature remains a mystery for both scientists, and for researchers of mysticism. People of official science claim that there is nothing supernatural here, but really they simply cannot explain these phenomena, and therefore scientists are far from trusted Not all.

A photo from open sources

Naturally, today, when almost everyone has a camera phone, many eyewitnesses capture such miracles on photos and videos. Getting on the World Wide Web, data materials invariably attract the attention of specialists and simple curious. Judge for yourself: perfect rectangular cloud Forms – this is something beyond the usual. Nature like known, devoid of right angles, and our ancestors, for example, never noticed square clouds. At least there are no written evidence of this.

Rainbow clouds

Multi-colored clusters of water vapor in the atmosphere, no doubt also do not fit into the familiar picture of the world. This is by no means aurora: even in hot Mexico rainbow clouds appear in heaven in broad daylight, forcing eyewitnesses to be baptized, whom perplexed to scratch their heads.

A photo from open sources

And again, this has begun to happen only recently. No one had even heard of such clouds before. Concerning numerous conspiracy theorists hypothesize that we are talking about artificial impact on nature. Immediately there was a conspiracy theory about that the HAARP station is to blame.

“HAARP” is a complex complex launched on Alaska in 1997. The project, according to the official version, serves to studying the Earth’s ionosphere and magnetic radiation, however in the world rumors immediately spread that the Americans had created climate weapons. In 2014, the program was allegedly curtailed, but, nevertheless, with it various natural and atmospheric disasters still anomalies because in reality the Alaskan complex is nowhere not gone, and what’s going on there – no one knows. Therefore there is nothing surprisingly, supporters of conspiracy theories HAARP was suspected of creating rectangular and multi-colored the clouds.

According to other hypotheses, this is done by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations or planet Earth itself, passing into the present moment through incomprehensible changes. There is still a theory of reasonable clouds, however, a natural question arises: what caused is the defiant behavior of these intelligent cloud creatures? After all, no one has ever seen this before. Are we on the verge some grand changes on a planetary scale? ..


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