Rectangular sun observed in Brazil

Rectangular sun observed in BrazilA photo from open sources

No, this is not an alien planet. It’s just Rio, writes January 23 Helio S. Vital looked at the ocean from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and saw something not of this world – rectangular Sun: The phenomenon is like a view on an alien planet, but as it turned out that it was still the Earth. “Air inversion layer near the surface of the sea brought to life at the top of the setting sun unusual shape. After a few tens of seconds, it is from saucers turned into a cup, and then into a rectangle, “says Vital. Atmospheric Optics Expert Les Cowley further explains: “The mirage turned the sun into a rectangular block, brighter on her top edge. It is even harder than it sounds. Sun rays deflect (refract) through various temperature layers temperature inversion,. . cold air under warm, forms not one image of the Sun, but three or more. The uppermost and brightest strip of the sun is at the top of the layer inversions. Below it are two or more images of the sun, half of them grow, and the rest decrease. They intersect forming a rectangle. Other frames show individual images of the Sun. “” Look at these types of mirages and their green flashes when a dark temperature band is formed on the horizon inversions, “he advises.” But be careful and never use binoculars or a telescope. Amplified sunlight can cause serious eye damage. ”

The sun

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