Reddened sky in Algeria counted harbinger of the approach of the planet Nibiru

The reddened sky in Algeria was considered a harbinger of the approach of the planet NibiruA photo from open sources

It’s hard to believe that the video below is not the result of applying a red filter. However at the end of March in the Algerian city of Ouargla had such incredible weather a phenomenon when the sky turned a bloody hue and from somewhere, as if from hell, flew full of red-fiery dust wind.

Local meteorologists say that everything is not to blame. dust, and the fine sand of the Sahara coming here with intense streams of air. Some experts suggest that the unusual color of the environment was caused by unclear where taken emission of iron oxide.

Many proponents of supernatural theories have decided that what happened was the result of approaching the legendary Earth planet nibiru. Superstitious people considered this phenomenon a bad sign, an omen before unpleasant events all the way to Apocalypse. One can only hope that the red sandstorm, which turned out even for scientists and local old-timers big a mystery, actually a harmless natural phenomenon, of which unusual a lot has been happening lately on our planet, since something like this has recently been observed on a Greek island Crete. Something really is going on with the Earth, but humanity is apparently facing large planetary change.


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