Reddit users claim to have photo of a real zombie

UsersA photo from open sources

Of course, the “zombie photo” will sound wrong for many of us intriguingly like a “snowman photo” or “flying photo plates. “And the reason is quite simple: to fake such a picture is much easier. Dirty clothes, plentiful make-up, night landscape as a background – and the frame with the “walking dead” is ready. However, users the popular social network “Reddit” said the other day that they probably managed to get an authentic photo with an image mythical living dead. And not only himself is interesting here a snapshot, but also a veil of mystery enveloping its appearance in World Wide Web.

It all started more than a week ago. Immediately on several large English-language sites blurred image showing mysterious human figure near the night forest. Unknown a man stands on a dark road near the trees and seems to indicate hand on the photographer. He’s hunched over, and his face is completely white, like naked skull. The person or group of people who posted this frame enclosed in it an incomprehensible message in the form of a character set. No one I didn’t have time to decrypt the code, because after only a few minutes the snapshot was deleted from everywhere without any warnings.

A photo from open sources

Fortunately, one of the Reddit users managed to recover A small copy of a mysterious photo from your browser’s cache. You can see it below. The regulars of the resource thought: what Was an emergency removal of the image from the Internet caused? Many felt that Google’s neural networks were viewed on full-sized version of the image of the dead man and automatically removed these frames are obscene. Similarly, Googlebots remove ordinary photographs of corpses so as not to injure the psyche users. However, in our case we cannot talk about the usual dead man as he stands on his feet!

However, zombies are not so mythical characters, if sort out the issue carefully. Among the inhabitants of the Caribbean islands Basin has long known that black magic voodoo allows “resurrect” the dead and subject them to their will. True souls in there are no such puppets. The walking body obeys without question powerful sorcerer or witch, however with time decomposes and comes into disrepair, so to speak. Really on this the sinister snapshot really captures a real zombie raised some of the graves in, say, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, the Dominican Republic or Barbados? ..


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