Reincarnated children: who is it?

Reincarnated children: who is it?A photo from open sources

In recent years, we are increasingly hearing about children who allegedly retained memories of their past lives. Professor of Icelandic University (Reykjavik) Erlendur Haraldson believes that such “reincarnated” children are victims of the syndrome post-traumatic stress in people who have experienced severe shock or injury.

Most often, children aged 2-6 remember their past lives years. The kid tells his parents that he used to be completely by another person and tragically died or was killed. Many children yearn for their former families or homes, some have phobias develop that are associated with violent death in previous “incarnations”. Such children often sleep poorly, chased by nightmares … It was these symptoms that I found E. Haraldson among dozens of kids from Sri Lanka and Lebanon, claiming that their past lives were tragically cut off.

In addition, a professor from Iceland found that “reincarnated” children have such character traits as dreaminess and the desire to be in the spotlight. They also to a certain extent, splitting of the personality is characteristic, which, however, is not pathological. Nonetheless the “reincarnated” children examined by Haraldson were no different increased suggestibility and were not prone to fiction. They owned large vocabulary, were sociable and usually studied better than their regular peers. Or maybe it’s just kids indigo?

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