Reincarnation does not just need to be known – it needs to live

One must not only know about reincarnation - one must live with itA photo from open sources

Today, thanks to the Internet and free access to esoteric literature, probably only the most stubborn person does not know nothing about reincarnation – the rebirth of our souls. However, what does it give to an ordinary person? Most often, nothing. Because about reincarnation you need to not only know – you need to live with it, perfectly understanding each a cell of your body that no one in this universe is born and does not die, but only travels through various incarnations.

It is no accident that the Indian saint and mystic Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh, living and preaching spiritual truths in the last century, bequeathed write the following words on his tombstone: “I was not born and not was dying, I only visited this world. “And although further they still followed traditional dates of the birth and death of a great teacher, in themselves they showed only the time during which this saint was a guest on Earth.

What gives us knowledge of reincarnation, and why Western religions extinct this knowledge from their teachings? The fact is that understanding personal immortality, the fact that each of us came to this world only then, to take another lesson, gives a person unlimited strength, wisdom, peace and, ultimately, happiness. However this is far from being included in the calculations of the servants of Darkness, which is why reincarnation etched with hot iron from all textbooks and even ancient teachings on the basis of which, for example, Christianity was built.

It may seem strange, but why today no one forbids do we know about reincarnation? But knowing and living it is not the same thing. The idea of ​​the eternity of the soul should be absorbed, as they say, with milk mother, as it was many centuries ago, she should from an early childhood enter the blood and flesh of man. And if this does not happen, then for her true understanding and awareness in the soul is required a kind of revolution – something akin to spiritual insight, oh which religious mystics love to say. But capable of it today, unfortunately, units, while in former times eternal life was perceived by people as something by itself for granted …

Depriving a person of knowledge about the immortality of the soul, the servants of Darkness managed impose false truths on this world, with the result that all people become a well-managed “herd” that is easy to captivate sweet carrots of the physical world or intimidate with hellish torment the afterlife. Do all the efforts of scientists to make eternal go from here life in the Earth?..

Most interestingly, each person is born with knowledge. reincarnation, because at that moment he is just committing transition from one to another world. But parents who themselves have lost this divine truth by virtue of modern education, inspire baby anything, but not the idea of ​​immortality. And then the child waiting for the same “mundane” children’s and school educational institutions, “scientific” institutes and academies, same stupid or intimidated environment. And therefore, instead of a man, a slave grows who does not remember his kinship and knowing nothing about the structure of this Divine the universe …

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