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Not all of us can boast that at least once in life collided with lightning. After all, meeting her often ends very poorly … And yet, according to statistics, by at least several hundred people a year worldwide after similar adventures remain alive. This is a miracle in itself. But other unusual things happen to these “lucky ones.”


Here is one of the typical cases of miraculous salvation. Bruno Dee Filippo from Massachusetts hoseed a lawn in his courtyard at home when lightning struck him. She entered the man’s shoulder and came out of the ankles.

Bruno Di Filippo

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– I noticed a flash, looked at him – his eyes became bright red, it caught fire like a Christmas tree, – recalls Bruno’s wife. – Then he rocked and said: “I think it hit me electric shock! ”

The victim was sent to a hospital, where, to the surprise of the doctors, it turned out that the electric discharge practically did not cause him damage. There was only a small burn on the ankle, which soon passed without a trace.

In the United States, a special community has been created, which includes survivors of electric shock. And not only from America, but also from other countries. They regularly hold congresses on “exchange of experience.”

– Sometimes lightning does not even leave marks on the body, but literally breaks through the insides, – says a neuropathologist from the University John Hopkins Nelson Handler, exploring such people. – Or on the contrary, passes outside – and ignites clothes, char boots …

True, the effects of a discharge on the nervous system can do not immediately affect. Often victims who happily escaped death from lightning strike, then they began to complain about irritability, worsened coordination of movements, periodic cramps and ringing in ears and even urinary incontinence. One man had to shave the hair on the head, as it was constantly moving. A certain yang Glovacek from the Czech Republic boasted that after a dramatic event lost potency returned to him.

Patterns on the skin of survivors after a collision with lightning

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The strangest things happen to those who were struck by lightning in the head. Dr. Handler said that one of his patients after hit fell into childhood. Another has a memory problem and he I had to write down daily where I put my things, otherwise then I could not find them.

Marked by a miracle

Meanwhile, sometimes struck by lightning acquire unusual properties. So, in 1921, in his pamphlet Revolutionary Therapies electricity “Dr. Kulishevsky from Voronezh described the mysterious a story that happened to his patient. In 1904, a retired Captain Vladimir Ignatievich Dronov was about 50 years old. In November he went hunting, arranged by local landowners on the occasion of visits to Ramoni by Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich.

Although it was already snowing, a thunderstorm suddenly began, and the captain struck by lightning. The horse under him killed on the spot. He himself lost consciousness, but half an hour later came to his senses. All metal the objects that were with him simply evaporated, but visible the discharge did not cause damage to health.

However, oddities soon began. First, Dronov in place thick black hair began to grow back. Then he fell out all the teeth, but new ones erupted in their place! This fact Dr. Kulishevsky watching him documented medical journal.

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True, there were other “side effects”: the captain constantly dreamed of nightmares in which he died a painful death – he sailed on a shipwrecked ship, it then came under the ruins of a collapsed house, then fell into a burning train …

At the same time, Dronov was unusually driven to cards. He himself assured that it seemed as if he woke up some special flair. Somehow once the captain advised a neighbor where to look for a lost winning ticket. He also began to relieve headaches and toothaches from acquaintances and play successfully on the stock exchange.

On the eve of the new, 1914, Dronov moved to the United States, where by then kept his capital obtained through exchange fraud.

In parting, he told Kulishevsky, indicating in geographical Atlas on the Serbian town of Sarajevo:

-Here, near Voronezh, lightning struck me, which changed me – and lightning will soon strike here, which will change the whole world.

As you know, the First World War began precisely with the incident in Sarajevo …

As for the participants in the mentioned community of victims atmospheric electricity, they also have something to brag about. So, Harold Dean from Missouri after meeting with lightning ceased to feel cold. Now he even walks in the same T-shirt even in winter. Englishwoman Helen Ward by smell finds objects belonging to different people. At Gunther Lunge from Berlin suddenly opened the ability to “counter”, and now he is able to multiply six-digit numbers in his mind. There are people, who claim that after a current runs through their body, they began to see the insides of others.

– Among my patients, telepaths or clairvoyants, says Dr. Handler, “but I examined the woman, which with the touch of her hand erased magnetic strips on credit cards and travel tickets. She had several damaged sites in the frontal lobes of the brain. Another man with holes in the left temporal lobe said he felt electromagnetic radiation. He actually determined whether current was flowing through wires.

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Cases of miraculous healings are also known. Few years ago alone an elderly American received a lightning strike while not far from of your home. I must say that this man was almost blind and deaf. When the doctors arrived at the scene, it turned out that there is no trace of blindness and deafness!

Vasily Saiko from Penza pierced the ball lightning through and through. Discharge he entered the man’s chest, searing a shirt, and left the back. Wherein no trace was left on the body. But Vasily’s where chronic stomach ulcer disappears …

Heavenly hunt

Sometimes lightning, it would seem, purposefully searches for its victims. So, in July 2006, in a village located in the Volga region Medveditsky ridge, which is one of the most famous in Russian anomalous zones, ball lightning “attacked” a group of six young people. As a result, three guys were left unconscious, and the three girls, safe and sound, rushed home in a panic.

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Members of the ufological organization Cosmopoisk investigating this episode, we found out that it is far from single: back in 2003 in in the same places, fireball completely burned down the brick building of the temple, and there were human casualties.

Was lightning “entering” the church an accident? It turns out there are still similar episodes. January 21, 2013 in Plymouth raged heavy thunderstorm. However, lightning struck no building except local church. She struck the tower spire, breaking a huge gap in the wall.

– Everything that was in the temple was destroyed and flooded with water, – recalls churchwarden Richard Lauser.

“It looked like the church was blown up.” But the rest is home and utility rooms remained intact. Only a small piece of stone fell on a bench near my the pub, yes there was a small power surge, – commented owner of a pub next door to house of God …

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The parishioners immediately began to talk that all this was no accident. But why did God hit the church specifically?

However, it is not for nothing that people say: “Thunder you!” Not worth it Is divine punishment really for this? Here is the story of Oksana P. from Samara: “I loved one guy. And he just laughed. Once he left with a girl in Sochi. I remember I got angry and sent to him curses. A week later, she learned that he was dead. Thunderstorm caught them on highway. They hid in a subtree. They stood clinging to each other, but lightning killed only him. Is it really God’s punishment? ”

A few years ago a tragic and amazing story happened. in Altai. A group of tourists went to the mountains. During the rise they tied with one rope. And then a thunderstorm began, and in climbers lightning hit. Moreover, every third in a bunch was killed.

And later it turned out that all the dead were, to put it mildly, not angels. One was a criminal and was in federal wanted. The other was a secret polygamist. Third dead engaged in prostitution, and the fourth abandoned her own children, passing them to the orphanage …

One way or another, we still don’t know much about this world, where even natural phenomena can have mystical properties, explainable only in an irrational way.


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