Repeatedly pierced through but alive

A photo from open sources

I am not a charlatan!

A man slowly climbs the stairs of a medical clinic and walking down the hallway. His torso is naked. The body is pierced by three rapiers with side of the chest. The ends of the rapier extend from the back by 20-30 cm. the doctors give way to meet him. Some have tetanus. Nervous nurses pass out. Man opens the door of one of the offices and says: “Now you see, I don’t charlatan”.

This is how eyewitnesses describe the visit to the Zurich clinic Professor Bruner of the famous Frenchman of the last century Mirena Dayo. Hearing from the clinic staff that the visiting artist on it pierces itself with a stiletto and remains alive, the famous doctor snorted dismissively: “Tricky trick and nothing more!”

After the described visit, the professor had to change his opinion.

The Dayo Clinic underwent a thorough medical examination. X-ray recorded more than 500 punctures of vital organs human: stomach, kidney, heart, lungs. More than half of punctures the luminaries of medicine were characterized as incompatible with life. Miren Dayo only laughed at that. He made his crown number hundreds of times, always with constant success. Sometimes for a better effect swords were used, hollow inside – water was spilled through them.

No secret

Numerous secret hunters have always noted that no one I didn’t see Miren piercing himself. He always entered the arena or a stage already pierced by stylet. This gave reason to believe that the Frenchman is hiding a secret. In fact, no there was no secret. Dayo pierced himself away from people because of duration of the procedure: Miren introduced into his body for more than 20 minutes sharpened rapiers. The same amount of time was spent on the reverse. procedure. With the gradual introduction and extraction of a sharp object body tissues exfoliate, blood arteries move into side without causing bleeding. Belgian professor Bessemans in this way pierced the kidneys, liver, heart and stomach experimental dogs and rabbits, and after that they remained alive.

1954 Fakir Champion Yvonne Willow claimed Dayot’s trick anyone can repeat after several workouts: “This a matter of will, of will alone. Of course, it hurts a lot and not it’s just enough for everyone to conduct such an experiment on themselves. ” Iva himself has repeatedly demonstrated endless possibilities human body at a concentration of will: he underwent surgery to remove appendicitis without anesthesia, stopped more than 2,000 times heart, and then made him beat again. You can trust him. So that the current records of individual phenomena will become common tomorrow the practice of the average person.

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