“Reptiloid face” arose over the city during thunderstorms

A photo from open sources

The video below was received on April 28 this year by David Taylor and his wife living in the United States.

An elderly couple watched a thunderstorm in the evening, when suddenly noticed something strange in the cloudy sky. There among the flashes lightning formed a huge silhouette, suspiciously similar to humanoid head.

Taylors, being devout people, felt that they had appeared religious sign, and even considered in these outlines the face of Jesus Of Christ. However, when this video hit the World web, many netizens immediately concluded that the “head” It does not at all resemble the Savior, but a reptiloid – a representative legendary extraterrestrial race trying, according to many ufologists and conspiracy theorists, gradually grab our “blue ball”.

Thus, some commentators suggested that before we are by no means a divine sign, but a warning from our alien enemies. Too distinct is this “drawing” in the sky. On intriguing shots you can perfectly see tuberous forehead, looking up eye with a characteristic pupil, long arched eyebrows, thick nose bridge, large flattened nose and angrily drooping lips of a reptiloid humanoid.

However, all these impressive details do not interfere with skeptics and materialists speak confidently of a para-idol illusion. According to the opinion of the doubters, we are talking only about a bizarre cloud, in where the observer’s brain instinctively recognizes a familiar image. IN in this case, they say, is a humanoid creature.

Reptiloid Time

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