Researchers are systematically killing paranormal?

Is there a systematic destruction of researchers of paranormal phenomena?A photo from open sources

Ghostbusters, ufologists, parallel researchers worlds, cryptozoologists and other specialists in the field of paranormal sound the alarm. Information has come from many countries that the powers that be are engaged in systematic destruction individuals who want to know more than what is supposed to be simple the layman. More recently, three well-known and reputable experts in areas of the supernatural disappeared without a trace or died when mysterious circumstances.

So, on May 2 of this year, US citizen Jonathan Brugel disappeared, engaged in the study of people with unusual abilities. According to American, in the course of his work, he often contacted with mediums, clairvoyant and even people who can read minds. Brugel went to the car repair shop and didn’t return home, his empty car was soon discovered in the forest. According to the official version, Jonathan got into Accident in the country and was subsequently attacked by wild animals, however for some reason they didn’t find a drop of blood at the scene of the accident.

We already wrote that the psychic Gaurav died on July 7 Tiwari, the founder of the Indian paranormal community. He was supposedly strangled in his own bathroom, although the room was closed from the inside, and murder weapons in he was not there. Before his death, Tiwari told his wife that he pursued by some evil forces. Perhaps Gaurav meant something otherworldly, although it is possible that under evil powers he meant specifically the government intelligence services that had on his tooth and had huge funds in such supernatural fight.

A photo from open sources

Researchers are destroyed because they interfere with hiding the truth

Only a few days have passed since the death of the Indian, and dead discovered the Max Spiers Pole, who is believed to have been participant in government experiments to create super-soldiers. Law enforcement agencies still refuse to name the true Spiers’s cause of death, however, claim that she was non-violent. However, Max supporters are convinced that the man was liquidated by that very secret organization to which he worked in due time.

Many experts in the field of the unknown will confirm to you that being “cleaned up” by the government is huge, albeit very unwanted compliment. If the most influential structures on the planet wants to destroy such an expert, which means that the researcher was able to comprehend so intimate knowledge that they began to pose a danger to the continued existence of the vicious world elite.

Recall: in the sixties, at least one hundred and thirty-seven ufologists from all over the planet were found dead that is another significant confirmation of this theory. On the ground the most secret and vital for of our civilization, information and discoveries, and if those who are constantly “sticks his nose out of business,” go too far, they just cleaned. And lately, it seems, such sweeps tightened up …


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