Researchers discovered near Voronezh temporal-spatial portal

Near Voronezh, researchers have discovered a temporal-spatial portalA photo from open sources

Journalists of the “News of Voronezh” talked about quite interesting expedition of the regional branch of Cosmopoisk and the committee for the study of abnormal phenomena, whose members are interested anomalous zone near the village of Kaverier in the Ramonsky district (see about this video report).

As it turned out, local residents consider this site damned and never go here: people in the village are taught from childhood – it is dangerous here. Because people, pets, and, on the contrary, some strange entities may appear which it simply cannot be in our world. The name of the village itself, as it says, speaking, because the “cavern” is Old Russian “emptiness”. It turns out a portal to another world existed here from time immemorial.

By the way, locals don’t like to talk about this miracle of nature, since it is believed that such chatter can bring on human trouble. But … in this place with two visiting men happened incident when they saw a mystical reddish fog and decided see what it is. Curious tourists walked, walked – very for a long time, but around nothing, as they say, did not change, and when they decided back to the car, then left it literally after 100 meters, and on the reverse side – a miracle and more! All of this pushed social activists studying such paranormal natural phenomena, come to this strange place.

A photo from open sources

So far, only for divorce. But she showed – there really is mysterious geopathogenic zone “hid”: twisted trees, the dowsing frame rotates too fast, Marina Mosolova, one of the participants in this expedition felt strange dizziness … And although nothing supernatural with social activists and journalists didn’t happen, the area clearly met them alienated and wary, like a hidden natural “trap.” That’s why expedition members decided to return here soon for further exploring the mysterious zone, return with good equipment, like said, already fully armed.

It’s not even our passion for paranormal phenomena, says a member of the association “Cosmopoisk” Alexander Mosolov, here it is worth taking care of the safety of the inhabitants of the village of Kaverie. Though such places are, of course, first and foremost a great find for independent researchers who have an idea of ​​our the world is much wider than orthodox science.


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