Resident of Serbia withstands stress in a million volt

56-year-old battery man that can withstand a million volt voltage, wisely used his superpowers. Now, instead of frying sausages with his bare hands, he opened a clinic and began to heal people with electricity.

A resident of Serbia withstands a voltage of a million voltsA photo from open sources

The 56-year-old resident of Serbia, Biba Struja, is a local celebrity due to his unusual abilities. A business in that a man nicknamed man-battery is capable of withstand fatal stress for ordinary people in a million volt.

The abilities of a humble family man, manifested in a young age, have perplexed not only his friends, but also doctors.

A photo from open sources

“I first discovered such a property of my body when I was still very young, ”Biba recalls. – Then I accidentally pulled out the cable is live and alive. ”

His friend Sevage, who was with him that day, adds: “We worked with high voltage wires and I received an electric shock. At that moment I threw the cable, and Biba had no problem holding him. It was really unbelievable. ”

A photo from open sources

After detecting the ability to withstand high tension, the Serb began to demonstrate it to everyone, frying sausages with bare hands. However, over time, the human battery realized that his skill would help him earn a living and discovered mini-clinic at home, in which he began to treat patients with such joint diseases like arthritis by electricity, through a simple touch of “charged” hands.

A photo from open sources

Perhaps Biba’s business is generating revenue in the family, but on the doctor himself this occupation is not reflected in the best manner, the correspondent notes. His nails, especially on the right hand, charred, and hair and eyelashes and not at all.

A photo from open sources

“I was born without sweat glands and doctors believe that, apparently, this a feature caused my abilities to appear. However on in fact, this pathology negatively affects my body, I don’t sweat. In summer, I wear wet clothes to protect myself from overheating, but I can’t protect my nails and they burn out during treating people, ”explained Struj.

However, this ability still leads the man to delight.

“If you asked me who my favorite superhero is, then I would answer that it was me, ”he concludes with a laugh.


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