Residents of Novy Urengoy watched in the sky diamond-shaped sun

Residents of Novy Urengoy observed a diamond-shaped sun in the skyA photo from open sources

Viruses spread very fast on the Internet curious photos taken by residents of Novy Urengoy Russia. IN the worst day in terms of beliefs and superstitions 13 April, a strange rhomboid sun rose over the city, which quite frightened the inhabitants of this northern settlement.

Recall that Novy Urengoy is unofficially called gas the capital of Russia, this city is also notable for the fact that in the summer there you can watch beautiful white nights, although the summer itself is very short, why the Urengoy people themselves jokingly say that they have June – it’s not summer yet, and August is no longer summer.

In a word, all kinds of natural wonders in this northern region a lot, however, the diamond-shaped sun is, as witnesses say such a strange heavenly phenomenon, too much, and even on Friday 13 the numbers! It’s no wonder that the Urengoyans were shocked by this. a fantastic sunrise and even a little scared, someone even spoke about the end of the world, remembered the mysterious planet Nibiru, climate weapons and hell knows what.

A photo from open sources

However, meteorologists hastened to reassure the townspeople themselves, and World Wide Web users who have already begun to build the most fantastic guesses – what is it? In fact, they say pundits, the diamond-shaped sun is a definite optical illusion view, simply – a “complex halo”, which is most often possible observe in mountainous regions, say, in the south of Russia. However for the northern city, of which Novy Urengoy is, it really is the rarest phenomenon, which is why it caused a real commotion.

A photo from open sources

Such a halo may appear due to low temperatures, due to causing numerous ice crystals to form in the air, which they refract the rays of the rising sun in such a strange manner, why this amazing optical effect arises.

It is possible that all this is so, Internet users agree, it’s just not clear why this happened on the 13th of Friday, Moreover, why did the inhabitants of Urengoy have never seen this before? What, before here the sun did not rise on such frosty mornings? Explanations of scientists, as always, did not satisfy inquiring minds Russians, especially those who consider our Orthodox science is a false servant of the powerful of this world …

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