Residents of the Canadian village of 17 years suffer from unbearable smell

Residents of the Canadian village 17 years suffer from an unbearable smellA photo from open sources

Residents of the small village of St. Marys in the Canadian province Newfoundland and Labrador have been suffering from 17 years of serious and at the same time some strange (just fantastic) Problems.

About 400 people live here, and all of them are forced to inhale the disgusting smell of rotten fish in an abandoned factory nearby. In the summer, the stench becomes so unbearable that unfortunate Canadians have to leave their homes and leave live with relatives.

A photo from open sources

This story dates back to 1990. Vietnamese the immigrant Sangh Ngo then moved to live in St. Marys and discovered here is a plant for the production of sauce, very popular in Vietnamese cuisine. True, this seasoning will not please far to everyone, since it is made from frayed fermented fish and has a very unpleasant odor as well pungent taste.

In 2002, Sangh Ngo suddenly disappeared, leaving his factory to its own devices. fate Moreover, 150 giant tanks with fetid rotten fish puree. It is they who create so far Since then, problems for the residents of St. Marys.

A photo from open sources

They say that the venture of a Vietnamese entrepreneur covered up Canadian Food Quality Authority Agency however it’s not clear why all this was done as strange as if someone from above arranged for the inhabitants of St. Marys a punishment of heaven for some sins.

The fact is that for all 17 years, local authorities could not find any one company that agreed to clean out these “Augean stables.” over time, fish waste deteriorated more and, in the end, become so toxic that even rodents have long left the walls of the plant, and today they are gradually leaving the house of St. Marys.

A photo from open sources

And where to go to the unfortunate natives in this case? All of them appeals to the authorities (not only of the province, but also higher, right up to center) have not yet been successful. There was only one company agreed to clean the factory from stinking fish waste for 700 thousand dollars, but there was no one who could pay this tidy amount of money. Such an offer looked like a mockery over the inhabitants of St. Marys.

Therefore, the mysterious problem of the Canadian village remains already overgrown with the most ridiculous rumors and speculation. They talk even that the Vietnamese businessman was taken by aliens, and his plant, together with rotten fish, serves for some kind of experiment over the inhabitants of St. Marys. That’s why nobody supposed to do anything maybe to solve this, in general, trifling problem on a scale civilized country. However, most Canadians are still believe that the stench of many years is God’s punishment, and therefore endure and pray, hope and wait. A cart, as they say, and now there…

Fish time

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