Return of soldiers from nothingness

Return of soldiers from nothingnessA photo from open sources

Despite the fact that the battles of the Great Patriotic War died out seventy years ago, volunteers like Sergey Solodyankin, continue to carry on a never-ending Memory Watch, every year, in the spring, going at the call of the heart to raise the remains to the surface unknown soldiers in order to return their names from nothingness.

For Sergey, this is the district of Myasniy Bor in the Novgorod region, so called Death Valley, where only according to official data from winter forty-one and by the fall of forty-second nearly two hundred thousand died Soviet soldiers of the Second Shock Army, not counting civilians. In fact, the number of victims in this profusely watered blood land (there was an operation to break through the Leningrad blockade and preservation of the corridor of life), I think, was much more.

It is believed that human suffering in this place has accumulated so much that they turned Myasniy Bor into a time zone with the broken structure of space and time. Still here German speech and songs of those years are heard, screams of attackers, rumble tanks, moans of the dying … Residents of the village are constantly greeted the ghosts of the soldiers, moreover, say that these ghostly shadows even knock at home and ask for food. And in the local swamps constantly notice the translucent figures of people floating over the quagmire in military uniform.

A photo from open sources

There are not even birds here, they just fly around this dead place, Solodyankin explains, there is a terrible silence over Death Valley, as if this is some kind of unearthly exclusion zone. Sergey himself no ghosts I haven’t met, although I have already dug up probably hundreds of dead here soldiers and officers.

How a soldier’s spirit helped pull his name from nothingness

Unfortunately, says Sergey, the identity of the victims is not always succeeds, but sometimes some inexplicable things happen, just mystical things. Somehow in the funnel where the Germans dumped wounded Soviet soldiers from the hospital, apparently, along with the beds, search engines dug out a pillow. The bodies are rotten near, and this pillow – intact, so fresh blood also flowed from her. How is that maybe it’s just not clear …

A photo from open sources

Once Sergey with other search engines pulled out the remains of the earth Soviet officer. Since he did not find any documents, Solodyankin took cardboard insoles from his boots, just in case, suddenly something is here. True, their insoles at that moment it was hard to call, but Sergey raked all this dirt into cellophane package and already in Novgorod carefully studied the trophy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything, so in the end threw this lump of cardboard into the bin, after which he took up their daily affairs, sorting documents on the table. Suddenly from a basket whispers: “Yes here, here I am …” Sergey took the dumbbell from this, took out dirty cardboard from the urn and again began to study his. And again I didn’t find anything, I had to send it all back to basket, after which Solodyankin left the office.

And when he returned a few minutes later and sat down in his place, then again I heard from the urn, a whisper, not a whisper, but clearly distinguishable words: “Seek, here I am, look … “. I had to take out the cardboard again and disassemble it almost for molecules. And here she is a long-awaited find – a miracle preserved dirty scrap of receipt, however the name on it is Kuziminsky Aristarchus. Here is another soldier of the Second Shock Army returned from nothingness …

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