Riddle of the Delphic Oracle

The riddle of the Delphic OracleA photo from open sources

Places of power – special areas with unusual energy, providing strongest impact on the human psyche. Usually given to them special sacred meaning, located in such places most shrines and temples are particularly popular. Moreover, if you look deep into history, it turns out that one and the same the same place is used successively alternating religions and the new temple is built on the ruins of the old. In this article readers make a unique journey along with subtle a topic connoisseur who has visited many sacred places of our planet, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Eugene Faydysh. One of the most famous oracles antiquity was in Greece, in the temple of Apollo, on a mountainside Parnassus in Delphi. It was not the only oracle of the ancient of the world. Other temples are also known where they were engaged in divination: Athos, in the territory of modern Turkey and even Russia, where in a cave not far from Anapa, or rather, the then Greek policy Gorgippia was second to oracle value. But not one could compare in strength with the Delphic. Mythological History She relates the Delphic oracle to the time of the titans. It was believed that originally it belonged to the Earth goddess Gaia, was guarded by her son, dragon python the place itself was called Pifo, and the first medium was a nymph Daphne. In the other version, the prophecies were performed by Python himself. From Gaia, the oracle passed to her daughter Themis, and then to her sister Phoebe. With the grandson of Phoebe, Apollo, begins a new thread in the history of Delphic oracle, but it was already the era of the gods of Olympus, led by Zeus, that defeated the titans. Having learned the art of divination from the Pope, Apollo appeared in Pifo, killed Python and subjugated the oracle. After the battle he poured the dragon’s ashes into the sarcophagus, placing it in place divination. It is possible that the Delphic oracle was a spirit Python himself. Apollo meanwhile went in search of the priests and found them on a ship coming from Crete. Turning into a dolphin, he bewitched the sailors and brought to the coastal city of Chris, where he appeared in his divine appearance, dedicating them to a future mission. Since Apollon himself is considered the source of divination, and the oracle acts as mediator between him and people. Sometimes the oracle is identified with Apollo himself. It is believed that the first wax temple was brought bees from the country of Hyperboreans, and all subsequent ones were made according to him patterned. Mythical Hyperborea – the habitat of a blessed people – was considered closely related to Apollo. He spent her winter months flying away in a chariot drawn by swans. well and the name “Delphic”, according to one version, arose in honor of the image dolphin, in which Apollo appeared to the sailors. History archaeological Modern excavations have shown that Delphi was populated from the second millennium BC And the cult of Apollo is forming in the period 1000g. Don. e. The first temples were made of laurel wood, beeswax and wings made of copper and stone. Close to modern The stone temple was built only in the VII century. BC, he is somewhat once destroyed and rebuilt after fires and earthquakes. Modern ruins remained from the temple, built already in 369-339. BC. The maximum flowering of the Delphic oracle falls on VII-V century BC e. At this time, no important personal and state life was not decided without appeal to the oracle. well and the protection of the incredibly rich temple guaranteed an alliance with Sparta. AND nevertheless, the temple was repeatedly robbed, burned, and then restored again and again. It was finally closed under the emperor Theodosius (391 AD), during the centralized Christianization of Rome empire. A photo from open sources description of the process of divination. The famous biographer was especially successful and the writer Plutarch, who himself was a Delphic priest and knew about divination firsthand. Other famous names include philosopher Plato, historians Pliny and Diodorus, poets Aeschylus and Cicero, the geographer of Strabo. Geological Faults How showed research under the temple of Apollo, where the divination took place, there is the intersection of two geological faults – Delphic and Kernsky, through which the line of sources passes. Now this the fault is hidden by debris of crumbling rocks and ancient terraces, but it was this area that was under the site of divination and called aditon. The inside of it was inaccessible to questioning. There were: a golden statue of Apollo, a laurel tree, sacred spring, marble white phallic symbol Omphalos with two golden eagles, under it was a sarcophagus with the ashes of Python In the middle of a crevice in the rock rose ground gases, near stood a golden tripod with a boiler, on which Pythia sat. Inhaling the pneuma (gases) emerging from the crack, she and went into a trance state. According to Plutarch, Apollo, or the oracle, likened to a musician, pythia to an instrument, pneuma to a mediator. At he emphasized that pneuma only creates conditions for prophecies. The main role is played by the preparation and purification of the Pythia, in including sexual abstinence and starvation. Originally from The Delphic oracle of the Pythias was young virgins. They have to had a very strict lifestyle, to observe bodily and spiritual purity, celibacy, fasting before entering a trance. But after that as one of the Pythia fell in love and fled with the local king who arrived for divination, this order is changed. In the Pythia began to take the elderly women. Before that, they could be married and even have children, but, becoming pythia, they had to observe strict celibacy, fasting and others cleanliness rules. A photo from open sources Plutarch describes that pneuma emitted a smell resembling perfume rose in the form of gas and dissolved in water. Moreover, in the closed space of the aditon, where there was a Pythia, she was in abundance. Nowadays, chemical analysis of water from sources over the Kernsky fault showed that in the water gases such as methane, ethane and ethylene are present. Most Ethylene has a pronounced hallucinogenic effect. He has sweet smell, which is consistent with the story of Plutarch. Kastalsky spring Now access to the temple Apollo is closed, indications of the location of Aditon and even his you will not find existence. We ourselves had to spend almost detective investigation. Only by chance did we meet an old bookstore seller who showed location Kastalsky source. But it turned out that the passage to it was supposedly closed due to stones falling from the rocks. Since then we visited Delphi once five, but the source is still closed. But he was protected by several rows of hedges, including barbed wire, and the territory itself looks mysteriously groomed. Last year they even installed soil illumination. So they let someone in? How not to remember here about conspiracy theories, globalization and the new world order. Apparently, all the most important magic rarities are removed from appeals and become available only to the shadow elite. Ordinary visitors have access to the lower pool, where water flowed from places of washing the Pythias and other participants in the divination. True he too dry, only a trickle beating from the wall with a small fountain water of the Kastalsky spring. In ancient times there was a first stop pilgrims to the temple of Apollo, where they had to wash their hair, and weighed down by killing – wash the whole body. However, no the “secrecy” of the Kastalsky spring cannot hide it unique energy. She is literally stunning. Using one of of our developments – computer virtual oracle – we conducted scanning, getting a diagram of his archetype. Clearly in the middle of the scan visible fractal phallic archetype surrounded by a horseshoe-shaped arch – a symbol of the feminine. And in the center – convex polyhedron with triangular and square faces. Square – symbol Earth associated with the very foundation of the oracle; the triangle is one of symbols of Apollo, male and female spiritual energy, in depending on the orientation of the vertex, and, of course, one of the associations with Plato, a researcher in the psychoenergetics of polyhedra. A photo from open sources, the Temple of Apollo was located at an altitude of about 700 meters on the slope of Parnassus. Rocky slopes from the back The complex is surprisingly reminiscent of magic mirrors. A cliff ahead and in the distance you can see the sea bay. Today only foundation and several columns. In antiquity, on the pediment were the sayings of the seven sages are written: “Know thyself,” “Nothing beyond measure “and the mysterious image of the letter” E “. Wooden the image of the letter was the offering of the seven sages, then it replaced by gold. Its meaning is still debated. A little lower The temple is located Omphalos, denoting the center of the Earth. In real – center of the ancient Greek Oikumena. Supply and Demand the beginning of the tradition of divination was given only once a year, per day the birth of Apollo. It was believed that on this day he was returning from hyperboreans. But the number of customers was growing, and these were usually kings, people are not poor. And from the VI century. BC. divination began to the seventh of every month, with the exception of three winter months, when Apollo flew to Hyperborea. The temple grew rich, the divination was very expensive, and over time they began to spend every day, except unclean days. Plutarch writes that once the priests forced the Pythian work on such an unclean day. He himself saw her against desires descended into Aditon, suddenly screamed and, rushing to the exit, fell unconscious, and after a few days has died. In addition, the Pythia usually refused to prophesy a defiled person, a criminal. Before the prophecy, Pythia, priest and the client was being cleaned. To do this, they walked along the path along the cliff to Kastalsky source, where the ablution took place. Back in the temple, the Pythia, clothed in gold-cloth clothes and flowing hair, put a wreath of laurel branches on her head and went down to aditon. After receiving a question from a client, the Pythia was preparing for the ritual predictions: chewing the leaves of the holy laurel, drinking water from sacred spring, then sat on a golden tripod, hung over the crevice, and inhaled the vapor. Moreover, the Pythia often ecstatic, uttering vague separate phrases and the murmurs that the priests of the temple recorded and interpreted. Answer usually clothed in poetic, allegorical form. What the question is the answer. Many examples have come down to our days. prophecies of the Delphic oracle. Of the most important, prediction of the victory of Athens over the Persians at the Battle of Marathon. Prophecy of the coming of Jesus Christ. Oracle is known predicted king Oedipus the murder of his father and marriage to his mother. A revealing story of prophecy is associated with the famous king Lydia Croesus (595-546 BC). Even survived the proverb is rich as Croesus. “And indeed, he became fantastically rich thanks to conquests. But greed is like known, knows no limits, and Croesus decided to conquer Persia. Before the outbreak of war, he went to Delphi with rich gifts. His question it sounded something like this: “What happens if I go to war on the Persians?” The priests interpreted the Pythian answer as follows: “If Croesus goes war on Cyrus (the then king of Persia), he will crush the great kingdom. “Croesus was delighted to decide that he was predicted to succeed. The prophecy really came true. A great kingdom has perished, but only not Persia, but Lydia. After the defeat of the Croesus army, it became part of Persia. Cyrus saved the life of Croesus, even allowed to send ambassadors to Delphi. They laid on the altar of the temple royal shackles and asked: “Is it a common thing for Greek gods to deceive those who come to them for advice? “They answered him approximately spirit that he himself is to blame, because he did not specify which kingdom was discussed in divination. As they would say today: what is the question – such is the answer. The ancient tradition of divination is preserved in separate corners of the Earth and these days. The unique experience of tradition, its study provides an opportunity further development of this amazing technology, and most importantly – adapting it to the realities of our time. Evgeny Faydysh

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