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Some have a talent for music, others for literature, the third – to painting … And if fate is traditional talents cheated? Then one thing remains – to surprise the world by putting some record! Even the most meaningless … For example, a graduate Royal Dramatic School from the USA Scott Damrow hit the Book Guinness World Records, smashing 142 eggs with his forehead. Back in 2011, Scott and his friends tried to put their names in the notorious Book highscores. At first they participated in the 200-meter blind race and in Wheelbarrow racing, but never won. Finally damrow decided to test his strength in the competition for breaking his head with eggs. The first attempt failed – he broke 130 eggs in 70 seconds and did not scored a record. After that, the teenager began to train hard, breaking eggs on a table in a restaurant owned by his mother. TO in addition, Scott played football at school. Anyway, in mid-March of this year, Daimrow re-participated in competition and this time won! “My head was simply numb, – he told afterwards. – I didn’t understand that I cut myself a lot shell because I felt an incredible rush of adrenaline. ” Quite common are competitions on eating various products. So, in 2008, 23-year-old Californian Joe Chestnut won the IV World Championship … for eating hamburgers. Behind eight minutes he ate 103 kings fast food “! Joe managed to break Japanese record Tucker Kobayashi, in 2007 year for the control time cracked down with only 97 sandwiches. A 62-year-old Indian Kailash Jagodia, wanting to get into the Book of Records Guinness, in 4 hours he devoured … 500 chili peppers! Those who tried sharp peppers can imagine what it is … In 2009, Elaine Davidson, a native of Brazil, a nurse by profession, for the second time became the world champion in piercing. The first time she hit the Book Guinness World Records in 2000. Then she had 462 holes, from There are 192 of them only on the face. Now on her body more than 6,000 punctures, where different metal balls and pendants are inserted. Of which more 1,500 so-called “internal” holes. Putting some records, people literally risk their lives. In 2006 33-year-old Malaysian Shahimi Abdul Hamid set a world record for the number of kisses with … a poisonous snake! Within 3 minutes 1 second he is in the presence of several hundred casino visitors in one of the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur 51 times kissed the royal cobra! Shahimi formerly a former farmer, and now earning a living stunts, managed to break the record of American Gordon Cates, delivered in September 1999. He kissed the snake only 11 times. Unlike Cates, armed with an iron rod, the brave Abdul Hamid performed in the ring without any safety items, making passes in front of a swaying reptile whose body length It was 4.6 meters, and weight – 10 kilograms. Some records and seem indecent at all. For example, in 2009, 7-year-old Joshua Utah’s Booth Wins Annual Children’s Day contest for the most smelly sneakers. The competition is traditional held in the town of Montpellier (Vermont). Its organizer is a shoe deodorant company. In competition Children and adolescents from 7 to 15 years old participated. They provided the jury over a pair of their sneakers that have been worn for a long time, without washing. The strength of the smell coming from the shoes was evaluated professor at a local university and an expert chemist from NASA. But what is there the smell of sneakers! In 2007, a resident of Jakarta, Judge Stone won the competition of strongmen, dragging a passenger bus weighing 8.9 tons at a distance of 50 meters. Maybe in this record and not it wouldn’t be anything special if the man hadn’t tied the cable … to to your genitals! Two years before that set a similar record Chinese Tu Jin-Sheng. True, he succeeded with the help of the male the virtues of moving a truck much smaller than bus. By the way, Jin-Sheng is a master of the special technique “te dan gong”, which means (“iron crotch”). People owning this by technology, capable of lifting with the help of their genitals weight in tens and even hundreds of kilograms. Believed to increase sexual energy and improves potency. In essence, victory in this kind of competition doesn’t really make any sense and sometimes such activities are even harmful to health. But every year more and more ridiculous records are being set. Margarita Troitsyna

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