Riddle photo with a “legless” girl

Riddle photo sPhotos from open sources of

A user of the well-known social and news resource “Reddit” under the pseudonym jr0d7771 recently posted a photo on the site, which has already circled the entire Internet. Mysterious shot interested in the regulars of the World Wide Web that careful examination on it reveals one incomprehensible detail. “Find the girl’s legs in the middle,” the author wrote publications, instantly intriguing millions of people.

The photo shows six girls, five of whom sitting on the couch. It would seem nothing remarkable. However, if look at these five, they can see only eight legs. Where is the other couple? How is this possible? Really among the girls is disabled? It is very doubtful that she would have been imprisoned in such a case with the rest. Fortunately, some especially-eyed commentators after some time, this mystery was solved.

A photo from open sources

Apparently, the second girl on the left is dressed in unusual jeans, one leg of which has a traditional blue color, and the second – the black. Given that the first pants are black, the right leg the second girl merges with the legs of the first. The third girl is sitting legs wide apart, and on her right leg lies the left leg of the second the girls. On the left foot of the middle sits a fourth girl, while with one foot she obscures the other, which from this angle is not it is seen. Well, the last, fifth, girls are all, so to speak, in place and does not raise questions.

In a word, this incomprehensible, at first glance, “human millipede “created as unusual poses that girlfriends chose, and the fact that almost all the girls in the photo are dressed in jeans that not much different from each other. Most in this situation it is surprising that such a simple image has become a kind of sensation, riveting the attention of people from all over the planet.

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