Risky games with mirrors

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When mirror XVIII disappeared from a police warehouse in France century, the first concern of the guards was not his search. By their urgent request, many newspapers turned to lovers antiquities with a warning: do not buy under any circumstances mirrors, on the frame of which is written: “Louis Arpo, 1743.”

The fact is that 38 owners of this relic died in turn in unclear circumstances.

The piquancy of our story is added by the fact that it did not happen on the departure of the XVIII century, and in 1997.

By the time of the disappearance, the “criminal” had already left quite impressive period: it was stored in the warehouse since 1910, when the death two people were directly associated with its harmful action and the culprit was put under arrest.

Someone thought that the rays of sunlight reflected from the surface of the mirror in some special way turned out to be the reason cerebral hemorrhages. Someone simply christened it magical, dragging souls to the next world.

Others believed that the damaging work of the negative was to blame. energy accumulated by the ill-fated mirror over many years.

Adherents of this explanation believed that he was constantly and disastrously unlucky with the owners: for many years the mirror loaded exclusively with negative information, then shared her with another vis-a-vis.


We rarely buy mirrors and in most cases are new. Those but those who act differently know that with the old mirror often bring insoluble questions into the house, and sometimes considerable danger. We are far from the Arpo mirror, of course, but chilling souls stories happen in our country.

A wealthy couple on the occasion bought a family mirror and almost immediately lost sleep, or rather, acquired along with antique thing exhausting nightmares. Both constantly dreamed of fire, covering the body, and terrible death in raging flame. When the poor fellows guessed to ask the past to the owner, it turned out that her brother died, knocking over himself a kerosene lamp, and the tragedy happened in the room where it hung a memorable mirror.

Leisure fantasies – you say. However, few are now it’s surprising that the psychic, holding a glass fragment in his hand, scattered as a result of the explosion, says that he felt a strong push, and a piece of clothing gives a detailed description the criminal. So if any thing is more or less peculiar memory, what to speak of a mirror with an amalgam of silver itself, perhaps information-intensive metal!

And then it becomes clear why, barely going into more or less wide use, the mirror immediately overgrown with numerous taboos. IN it was forbidden to look at women during menstruation, pregnancy and after giving birth, to those who are unwell or even just upset. After all in any stressful situation or during illness activity organism is activated, and therefore, its emotional and biophysical radiation becomes more intense and therefore easier remembered by the mirror. Memorized in order to return later – to us or to someone else.

No wonder Ivan the Terrible with his inherent maximalism demanded so that the mirrors for the queen are made only by blind craftsmen: so he protected his wife from the evil eye and damage.


… must have contained a lot of amazing fantasies. Otherwise with what would a reputable scientist undertake to call with the help of a mirror of perfume dead? However, this is exactly what he did, rebuilding to begin with laboratory attic of his old mill.

He closed the windows with thick shutters, curtained them with dark curtains, brought a large mirror and hung it on one of the walls – on such distance from the floor so that the person sitting in front of him does not see own reflection. The wall behind the experimenter was draped with velvet fabric, absorbing light, and the “camera itself visions “was plunged into darkness.

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Dr. Moody was honest about the experiment. Of the participants picked up mentally and emotionally stable adults who can clearly express their thoughts and, most importantly, in a tendency to occultism do not seen. Prepared for the session in advance: the subject acquired the thing that belonged to the one he would like to meet with I looked at his photographs all day, recalled him. FROM by the onset of dusk, he occupied a place in the “waiting room”.

What was the professor’s surprise when, after the first episode experiments it turned out that communication took place in half participants of an exotic experience! And no horrors with Moody’s assistants did not happen. On the contrary, all of them coming out of the “cameras of visions” seemed contented and peaceful. Come on a date, the dead were also smiling, radiated good and calmness.


It must be said that Moody’s sessions with mirrors were adopted even in Russia, where they are used (though not very widely) some therapists.

As a rule, the main component in our attitude to the departed a relative is guilty: disliked, were not too attentive and caring, or even turned out to be an involuntary reason for him death. A session of mirror therapy easily relieves stress and relieves unhappy patient from anguishing soul: after all, as we remember, visitors from behind the looking glass are calm, satisfied, no one is angry they hold, but they still love us, if not more than that! But still – where do they get there and why do they come to us?

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Scientists claim that the whole thing is in the right hemisphere of our brain. It manages all creativity and provides intuitive insights. Perhaps it is also a kind of receiver for images obtained by us from the informative field of the Universe.

Unfortunately, this is an amazing hemisphere for the most part is half asleep and awakens only when human consciousness somehow enters an altered state. But this is precisely what the mirror contributes to. In addition, it turns out to be a kind of screen onto which images are projected, perceived by the brain from the outside.


About these properties of a mirror, an amazing conductor between worlds, our ancestors have long suspected. What left a lot evidence. “Some people look in mirrors or vessels, filled with water … They look intently and until start to see images. The contemplated object disappears, and then between an observer and a mirror stretch out a curtain that looks like fog.

Against this background, the images that he is able to emerge perceive, and then describes what he sees. In this condition the soothsayer sees not with ordinary sight, but with the soul. “Not is it true, you might think that we read Raymond’s session logs Moody? But these words belong to the Arab writer Ibn Caldoun and recorded by him in the XIII century.

However, the predecessors of the doctor were not looking for meetings with the dead Moody. Feeling helpless in front of the present and fear of the unknown – this is what drove the famous soothsayers. Remember the mirror Galadriel from a recent hit on “The Lord of the Rings”, but rather to say – from the wise novel of Tolkien. It predicted, and cautioned by showing images of the future.

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They say that Nostradamus did not do without such a toy. Somehow in the archives of the castle of Châteauneuf-la-Foret among the papers of a certain Francois Crozet, close Catherine de Medici, a record of the visit was discovered Nostradamus in the royal castle of Chaumont, and retold in it the Queen’s memoirs made by her in 1587.

In one of the rooms of the castle, the famous fortune teller installed a car brought with me. The Queen only mentioned her fragments – a rotating mirror in which there were obscure, changing images, and some moving wheels. Every turn The mirrors corresponded to the year. The session was held in the twilight. Only years later, when the mysterious paintings shared with queen mirror machine, became a fait accompli, Catherine The Medici deciphered them: the death of Mary Stuart, Bartholomew’s Night, death of Henry III, accession of Henry IV.

Keeping in mind the abilities that current mirrors recognize scientists, we, perhaps, will not be too surprised by the intricate apparatus Nostradamus, although his time he really anticipated: learned to consciously draw information from where it used to be It was only at its discretion. However, until the end to subjugate the absurd nature of the mirror to one magician.


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