Road of fear

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The Chinese are inventive in everything, especially well they manage amaze guests in organizing various attractions. The glass road enveloping Tianmen Mountain, built on a huge height – this is the worst road in the world over the abyss and the best confirmation of our opinion about the Chinese.

Photo from open sources

Walking along such an “air” path is not so easy, under kicking an almost one and a half kilometer abyss, and stomp along clear glass needs as much as sixty meters. And that at that time how the human mind literally “screams” about danger.

Of course, there is no danger, the glass is thick and heavy-duty, and for the entire existence of this “road of fear” has not yet happened nothing tragic, not even a hint of something like that It was.

It is worth adding that in terms of walking on glass over the abyss the Chinese are not entirely original. They are, as always, just great copy masters (remember their copies of western cities, pyramids, there are forty pieces of Eiffel towers in China). However, in terms of Chinese masters are much more perfect than their brothers electronic engineers. Although they know how to not only copy, it’s easy and may surpass …

China time

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