Rodovik-Bogovnik – a Slavic symbol that helps spiritual development

The Rodovik-Bogovnik amulet is a guiding Slavic sign that gives divine protection, strengthens self-confidence, helps in learning and spiritual self-improvement. It is believed that this sign is dedicated to Makoshi – the goddess who weaves divine and human paths.

Before using this talisman, you should find out what significance each of its sides has, to whom it suits, how to clean it and wear it.

goddess Rodovik

The meaning of the two-sided amulet Rodovik-God

Rodovik-Godmother is a mirror-type amulet, which also has the name 'God's eye'. It is a swastika figure of 4 equal, curved rays connected in the center and symbolizing:

  • human spirit, body, soul and conscience;
  • natural elements;
  • sides of the world;
  • past, present, and future time along with infinity or the afterlife.

Expert opinion Natalia Aleksandrova Numerologist, parapsychologist, tarologist The Rodovik symbol helps to establish a mental connection with ancestors, strengthens relationships with relatives and strengthens intuition. In turn, the Godovik contributes to the acquisition of wisdom, grants protection to the light Slavic deities and guides you along the right path of life.

How to wear Rodovik Bogovnik

The guard sign can be used in various ways:

  • put on dishes – will improve health;
  • draw on furniture, above the front door or the walls of the house – will save all residents from damage and curses from ill-wishers;
  • to embroider clothes – protects the wearer from wrong decisions and protects against diseases.

On dishes, clothes or furniture, the protective sign is depicted with alternating symbols. For body wear, Bogovik-Rodovik is produced in the form of through pendants, rings or earrings. The best materials for crafting are any metal, leather, clay and wood. The main rule is that to enhance the magical properties, the amulet should be made only from natural material.

Who is suitable for Rodovik the Goddess

Double-sided amulet fits:

  • for children – protects from rash, dangerous actions, helps to easily assimilate new information;
  • doctors, teachers – reduces the risk of making serious and even fatal mistakes in work;
  • creative individuals – gives inspiration, reveals potential and helps to reach new heights;
  • for scientists – allows you to concentrate on true, not false knowledge;
  • insecure and weak-willed people – gives confidence and indicates the right decision in any issue.

For beloved ones, this protective symbol will help to understand the sincerity and strength of feelings, to protect relationships from the evil eye. This sign will help newlyweds maintain trusting and warm relations for many years. For pregnant women, the talisman will help calm the nervous system, ensure easy childbirth and a healthy baby.

The procedure for cleansing the Rodovik-God-ward

The talisman must be cleaned before wearing – for this, several methods are used:

  1. It is placed under running water for a few seconds. A tap stream will do, but if possible, wash it in a river or stream. Stagnant and dirty water will not work well.
  2. It is recommended to carry metal products three times over the fire of a burning candle or put them in direct sunlight for several hours.
  3. It is recommended to place a protective sign for deep cleansing after prolonged wear for half a day in the ground or salt. After cleaning, the salt must be thrown out of the house.

The cleansing procedure should be repeated regularly if a feeling of heaviness or discomfort occurs while wearing – this will help rid the talisman of accumulated negative energy.

Do not forget that the Goddess will have a positive impact on your life only if worn with good thoughts, not forgetting about ancestors and ancestral traditions – otherwise, he will turn his power against you.

True faith in the magical powers of the Rodovik-God will help you maintain family happiness, get rid of negativity, heal diseases and change your life for the better.

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