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In the 80s in the USSR, some researchers began to dip in reservoir of water for newly born babies. This method Russian scientist Igor Charkovsky, who believes that if parents from the moment the baby is born will be regularly engage in swimming with him, then he will noticeably get ahead of his peers in development, found his followers in many countries. IN last year in front of an amazed audience in a Moscow the hotel is a weekly boy whose parents took advantage Charkovsky’s technique, demonstrated the ability to swim under water. But most of all was struck by the baby’s ability to sleep peacefully at a depth. No matter how skeptics relate to such examples, there is ample evidence that amphibian people are not at all the fruit of idle speculation. People covered in scales in 1955 in the town of loveland ohio several local people in different huge bipedal reptiles who had short hollow chests, broad lipless mouths and wrinkled heads. One of the witnesses saw as many as three of these creatures! Something similar was seen by the inhabitants of the city of Loveland in 1972. It is noteworthy that among the witnesses was a local policeman, shot at a runaway reptile man, but missed. These monsters terrified the inhabitants of other states. Californian Charles Wetzel, driving a car along the Santa Ana River, noticed on the curb is a strange creature with a round head, sparkling eyes and gills. The giant reptile tried to attack the car, but the driver increased speed and moved the monster. On the windshield There was a deep scratch from the claws. Apparently, the creation came to a head, because a day later another driver met him. But more the story of a fish man who is three centuries ago made famous the whole world the Spanish village of Lierganes. Francisco affairs Vega Casar lived at the end of the 17th century. As a boy impressed friends with unique swimming abilities. At sixteen years went to the Basque Country to study the craft of a carpenter. Once upon a time a young man swam along the bend of the river, and a strong current brought him far into the sea. Francisco disappeared, and relatives ceased to hope that ever will see him again. Five years later, fishermen in the bay of Cadiz noticed some large creature of a terrifying appearance. It has appeared more than once and always stole fish. They decided to catch the kidnappers and built meat and bread bait. However, when the sea monster pulled on shore, it turned out to be … a tall guy, different from the usual of a person with a strip of scales extending from the throat to the lower abdomen and along back along the spine. His long hair was fiery red, and fingers connected by a thin brown film … of a human fish for several weeks they were placed in the nearest monastery of the Franciscans. There, a rite of exorcism was performed over him, for a long time they tried talk, but in response they heard only inarticulate sounds. Finally, the captive uttered the word “Lierganes.” To this village immediately sent a man. So ended the story of the missing young a carpenter. The prisoner had a meeting with his mother, and she recognized him own son. “Ichthyander” began to live in his native village, but full no longer became a man. He silently wandered around the yard, sometimes uttered separate words, but was not interested in anything. By after two years, he ran to the river Miera, which he knew very well since childhood, rushed into it and swam away. Since then its more nobody has seen … Mr. Francis and the Moken Many facts prove that a person is able to live in water: for centuries repeated cases when infants on the high seas dolphins take in their flock. The first amphibian to literally the word became a US citizen Francis Faleychik, which during the Cold War implanted artificial gills. Details of an experiment at the Medical Center Duke University, is still known only to a narrow circle military specialists. There is evidence that a volunteer was inserted in the trachea an elastic tube and through it was poured into the lungs a special solution. Then Francis breathed gills for four whole hours. what happened next, the story is silent, but one senior US Navy official once claimed that a man with artificial gills lived for a long time in the ocean at a depth of three and a half kilometers … Despite the fact that many have denied people adaptability in a liquid medium, it is known that representatives of the Moken tribe (gypsies living on the coast Thailand) see under water twice as good as Europeans. Who dived he knows: the eye of an ordinary person is poorly adapted to work under water. And the gypsies, who produce shellfish and sea cucumbers from the bottom, perfectly visible at a depth of ten meters. According to the head a group of Swedish scientists Anne Jislen, Moken able to narrow pupils to tiny sizes, in a special way squeezing eye lenses and thereby most achieving clarity of the “picture” in depth. Caspian Riddle The last couple of years of amphibian evidence come from residents inhabiting the area from the city of Chalus in the north Iran to Azerbaijani Lankaran. Last year post a similar testimony of Azerbaijani fishermen became trawler “Buck”. – For a long time, a strange creature swam nearby from us, going in a parallel course, – told the local newspaper, getting off ashore in the Iranian port of Anzali, the captain of the ship Gafar Hasanov. – At first, we thought it was a big fish. But then they noticed on the monster’s head was hair, and the front fins were not at all fins, and … hands! In Azerbaijan with captain Hasanov on nobody began to talk seriously about this topic. Iranians, however, to his revelations reacted differently. There used to be rumors of a “man from of the sea. “And after the publication of the interview, a lot of letters came to the newspaper that after the awakening of submarine volcanoes in the area of ​​Babolser and increased oil production in the Caspian Sea, many fishermen repeatedly seen a strange creature. Marine descriptions the humanoid creatures are identical in all cases. A little lower medium height, physically dense, with a convex, comb-like belly, pinniped feet, four fingers and membranes on hands. The skin is “moon” in color, on the head – hard black and green hair. Nails grow not only on the fingers, but also on the tip hump-shaped nose, forming something like a dolphin beak. No ears it can be seen that the eyes are large, round. Mouth with protruding upper jaw smoothly passing to the neck with the lower lip. Amphibian man in Iran called Runan Shah, that is, the lord of water and rivers. Fishermen claim that the fish in the coastal nets feel its approach. For two or three minutes before the amphibian appears activity, getting on the tips of their tails and – what for fish absolutely unnatural – making barely audible gurgling sounds. Runan Shah answers her with a guttural bubble, but attempts release does not undertake. Runan Shah and residents saw fishing villages between the Azerbaijani cities of Astara and Lankaran. Oceanologists have suggested that this is not one instance, and a whole family of people of the underwater world, the main the cause of which in the waters of the Caspian are … problems ecology! It is no secret that the increase in oil production in the region and underwater volcanic explosions markedly impaired reproduction marine life in the Caspian Sea. Astrakhan fishermen, for example, they have long complained about a sharp decrease in sturgeons, a complete the disappearance of sprats. And last year, the number of marine life in the south of the Caspian Sea has increased markedly. Only Runan Shah tried! The ancient historian Herodotus and the philosopher Plato considered people originally “amphibian” and did not exclude the possibility of their foundation the underwater state of Atlantis. Some modern doctors consider hiccups as an atavism that has survived in people since then, when there were both lungs and gills. Sinegorye

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