Runner on a hot lava. VIDEO

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Daredevil ran through the lava / Video screenshot

Video of a man running along a hot lava exploded The Internet. Scientists explained how the daredevil managed to do this trick, and strongly recommended not to try to repeat it. IN A 40 second video posted on Youtube shows how unknown takes five or six steps along the current lava. When he does last step, a flame arises under his right foot. Not less, a man safely reaches a safe place without hiding while smiling. According to geophysicist Eric Clementti of the University in Ohio, a similar trick is possible. As the scientist explained, when boiling lava appears in the cold air, then freezes, forming a dark crust on which for a short period of time it can even stand up man. And although lava continues to flow, it is more viscous than water, which means that it can withstand slight pressure. The flame under the foot of the hero of the roller, according to Clemetti arose due to the high temperature of the lava. However, he noticed that since the flow is slow, it means that she had already cooled down. “Judging by the fact that people were standing nearby, the flow the lava was hardly very large, “he added.

However, the scientist warned that the brave man could get into the lava, if she froze unevenly in different places. If it happened, his body would turn into steam – water in the body reached boiling points and the person would “explode from the inside out,” explained he. “You can run through the lava flow without any consequences, if you chose the right lava flow – cooled and slow if you run fast and if you’re lucky, “the scientist concluded. And in Congo tourists chose the volcano and even pitched tents near the place eruptions:

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