Russian indigo children shocked scientists

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In recent years, the phrase “indigo children” sounds more and more often. – their population will raise our civilization to a higher level development. This idea can be treated differently, but hard deny the influx of talent in the generation of today’s children and teenagers. Once again, I was able to verify this on an exhibition of schoolchildren’s innovations “Step into the Future”, which is held by MSTU named after Bauman. Plate for Venus Near Ani’s stand Shvetsova, an eleventh grader from Noginsk, is always crowded. By a silver “plate” crawling to the floor, resembling either a UFO, whether two aluminum bowls folded together, which in catering you will not find for a long time. Anya switches on the remote control toggle switches, and, obeying her will, a plate, rumbling, crawling under her feet. This toy is called “model of an autonomous descent vehicle in the conditions of Venus”, and on Slang – Venus rover. After standing a minute or two, you begin to experience perplexity: how does this contraption creep – after all, the engine is like as if not? Anya answers this familiar question with a confident tone. honors pupils: “Inside the apparatus is an engine made on the basis of the inertioid Tolchin. “Translated from a scientific, inside “plates” placed two asymmetric gears, which rotate due to electricity (a real Venus rover will receive it from the solar panel). And here is how their internal rotation drives the whole apparatus – a mystery to the modern mechanics. But Anya is not worried about her possible image. “pseudoscientific”, but about more earthly, or rather Venusian, problems: how to teach a Venus rover to overcome slopes exceeding 15 degrees; is the heat resistance of the material chosen by her sufficient withstand 475 degrees Celsius – this is exactly the temperature at surface of the “morning star”. The first Soviet research stations launched and landed on Venus worked no more than two hours. The estimated lifespan of the Shvetsova’s Venus rover is 50 days. it very bold plan. And in Siberia Daniel will bloom apple trees Bibnev from the city of Usolye-Siberian, Irkutsk Region engaged in energy-efficient home for two years. The idea prompted to him teacher Yuri Ryabchenko, modern and beautiful: design such home for the harsh conditions of Siberia, which ideally does not even heat will have to – due to the optimal design and efficient system He will store the stored heat throughout the long winter. Daniel chose a vortex heater, a remarkable feature of which that the energy of electricity spent on the promotion of water, less energy received from it heat. Traditional physicists with this paradox not ready to reconcile, designers are accused of violation energy conservation law and all vortex developers heating technicians in bulk recorded in pseudoscientists. Daniel, like Anya, is the verdict does not bother – why not take advantage of the fact that so effective! But the theory is still lagging behind practice – it does not matter. Besides the schoolboy added to the project and its innovative element: put the frame of the heating pipe on the base of the building, and put a pipe with hot water inside another pipes of larger diameter so that the water gives its heat to the air. So he used the principle of matryoshka. The ninth grader has already mastered and the choice of the optimal material – it turned out to be foam concrete, and the calculation heat losses of the whole house as a whole – they are three times lower than in ordinary houses. Ahead is the calculation of the required pipe diameter and cost balance: it’s not a fabulous tower, but a real house, it should be affordable for people. It’s only a pity to continue training in Daniel is unlikely to succeed at Bauman University: the family budget is not will allow you to leave for the capital. Unless in two years there will be special grants for capable guys. Let’s say indigo grants – by the color of the aura of gifted children, which, fortunately, are more and more. Nadezhda Anatolyeva

Venus Water Indigo Children Siberia

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