Russian President of Andorra

Russian President of AndorraA photo from open sources

The last Russian emperor Nicholas II was shot the Bolsheviks. Having come to power. They ruthlessly eradicated supporters of the monarchy, aristocracy and the nobility. Only proletarian origin gave a chance to make a career in the country socialism. But it so happened that escaping from the cruelties of a new civil war veteran became the sole ruler the dwarf European state of Andorra. So completely unexpectedly for the rest of Europe, the Russian became the king of Andorra Boris Skosyrev FIRE SPEECH “Dear Sir or Madam, I I urge you to entrust me with your fate. Since the 13th century, the country has been under fifth of the French or Spaniards. They pumped her natural wealth until the revolution brought us independence. I’m ready become your monarch and save all the gains of a small but proud people. I promise to rule you honestly and fairly. By me a promising reform program has been developed; familiarize yourself with any citizen, make comments and make your own offers. In the coming days I will submit it to the General Council. I assure you: the implementation of reforms will lead the country to prosperity and prosperity, for the main points of my program are the following: firstly, the land and bowels of the country belong to the people, secondly, I propose to establish in Andorra a free, not taxed trade, and tax “paradise” for registered here firms and enterprises that will attract foreign investment and provide the state with economic prosperity. The future of Andorra is a strong enlightened monarchy and traditional neutrality. Not a drop of blood should spill on this long-suffering land! I believe: together we will defeat any difficulties and find a happy future! “- the voice of stately the blue-eyed speaker sounded wide, free, and tuneful. Lecture hall listened to him carefully, and when he completed the speech, exploded stormy applause and cries: “We believe in you, Boris! We vote for you! You own our hearts! “At this time, helpers triumphs were distributed to everyone Portrait of a candidate for the throne. Dozens of such fiery speeches made Russian to convey to the maximum number of citizens ideas. A month later, Boris’s candidacy for the monarch’s chair was supported General Council of the Principality of Andorra. At that time he was the highest legislative and executive body of the dwarf state. So completely unexpected for the rest of Europe the king of Andorra was the Russian Boris Skosyrev. THIRST ADRENALINA His fate could well have become the plot of an adventurous a novel. He was born in 1896 in Vilnius, in a family hereditary nobles. Already in his youth showed amazing ability to languages. By the age of 16, he spoke French fluently, Italian, German, Spanish and English. After coming to Bolshevik authorities fought on the fronts of the Civil War in 1917 in the ranks of the White Guards, was twice wounded. After the defeat of the army Denikin (in it Skosyrev rose to the rank of staff captain) on the last ship managed to get from Crimea to Constantinople, then he came to England, where he served for two years in the Royal naval forces. This gave him reason to subsequently hint acquaintances that he repeatedly carried out her secret assignments Majesties the Queen. Then Boris ended up in Holland, where he decorated the royal troops and received the officer rank. In free from the service, time appeared at balls and in fashion salons, where, using his magnificent lyceum talent, he imagined Count, then Baron, then Prince. He was believed because Boris possessed impeccable manners, aristocratic appearance, striking sociability, extraordinary charisma, was reputed to be witty and He knew how to make any company listen to himself. Had a wild success with ladies, gravitated to wealthy, generous and did not reject the rich patronesses. In response to their care, he answered with tenderness and passion, which greatly impressed the ladies. And he liked dear gifts, but with special thanks the Russian accepted cash. “A man in my position should be perfectly dressed, obliged fragrance with a good perfume and have a substantial amount on your account! “- not once repeated a handsome handsome man. Charming Skosyrev quickly overgrown useful links in diplomatic, political, financial and journalistic circles. For a while he traveled to Europe. IN 1931 married a wealthy French lady and some time I enjoyed comfort, wealth and delighted my gourmet tastes. At the same time, he carefully monitored the political situation in European countries. His adventurous character required action. “I need adrenaline, otherwise life seems worthless and boring!” – confessed to friends Boris. Ascent to the throne For money French wife, he arrived in Andorra, about which he read a lot. The little principality impressed the Russians with beautiful landscapes, mountain resorts, unique architectural monuments, healing thermal springs, mineral deposits and the opportunity to show their outstanding abilities. Boris is good studied the history of Andorra, which had a reputation for almost seven centuries the “Pyrenean hermit”. Proud Andorrans frantically clinging to their neutrality and tried not to get involved in military conflicts. This was possible due to the fact that the roads in Andorra were in terrible condition. Only in 1930 did the first modern highway appear, connecting the principality with neighboring countries. In Andorra started tourists come, she became more open and democratic. Soon, the virus of change entered the hearts of the Andorrans, leading to a quiet, bloodless revolution of 1933. The people protested violently against the dominance of Spanish and French companies that shamelessly pumped out the bowels of the state, and demanded independence and independence. A wave swept across the country rallies, protest marches and spontaneous gatherings. During this period there and Boris Skosyrev appeared. Quickly assessing the political situation, a quick-witted Russian understood: the people of Andorra are divided, he does not have a single a national leader who could concentrate everything requirements of citizens and come up with a unified program of action. “A why don’t I become the monarch of Andorra? I am sure that I have everything will succeed! “- the talented adventurer reasoned. With the help of like-minded friends, he launched a powerful campaign and made a very favorable impression on the Andorrans. In July 1934 years, the majority of members of the General Council voted for him the program. So the Russian became the king of Andorra Boris I, and Andorra itself has become a monarchical state! Becoming the monarch, Skosyrev first wrote the Constitution of the country, established parliament empowered to represent Andorra in the league Nations. In addition, the autocrat issued a series of decrees in which Andorrans were instructed not to obey the directives of Paris (prices for real estate in Paris) and Madrid, and all the country’s natural resources declared purely a national treasure. A photo from open sources The Last Russian Emperor Nicholas II was shot by the Bolsheviks. Such a policy did not like primarily to the French. They didn’t want to lose such a tidbit. piece like Andorra. French gendarmes appeared in the residence Boris, they arrested him and expelled him to Portugal, where the Russian found a well-paid translator job. Then our compatriot moved to France, which became his fateful a mistake. In 1941, he was imprisoned by the Vichy regime concentration camp near the city of Perpignan, where he died in 1944 year. But still Andorrans keep a grateful memory of Russian king, calling his short reign unique. Vladimir Petrov

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