Russian traveler survived in the Arctic ice floe after a helicopter accident

Russian traveler survived on the Arctic ice floe after a helicopter accidentA photo from open sources

Russian traveler Sergey Ananov almost completed Travel around the world in a personal miniature helicopter. Our a compatriot flew about ninety percent of the way when his the aircraft crashed between Greenland and Canada.

The pilot for two days was waiting for salvation, being on an ice floe. The courageous Russian was forced to endure cold Arctic winds and drive away hungry polar bears. Two days later, a man picked up the crew of the Canadian icebreaker, who noticed a lonely ice human figure with flag.

According to Sergey, he had to meet with three bears – one on the first day after the helicopter crash and two on the second. The traveler waved his arms and snarled to scare away predators. This tactic, fortunately, worked, and with all the bears. Nevertheless, according to Ananov, uninvited guests were not his main a problem – it didn’t even become terrifying, piercing to the bones cold. The main tragedy of his position was fog which made the traveler believe, and not without reason, that no one will notice him. Due to fog rescue operation, which could take only a few hours, was unsuccessful, and the Russian miraculously managed to collide with the ice drift.

On the third day, the direction of the wind changed, and the fog cleared. The pilot saw the lights of the ice drift Pierre Radisson, who is a ship Coast Guard Canada. By the way, assistant captain only in the last moment noticed on the ice of a man waving a flag that already fired all the signal flares, and sent him an airborne helicopter.

Sergey was not injured either physically or mentally. The man is glad that he managed to survive, but he considers his work unfinished and plans to necessarily fly around the Earth in a helicopter. What is it – iron pursuit of a goal or reckless, not lessons-learned stupidity – you decide. Incredible the miracles that accompanied Sergey, perhaps only inspire …

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