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Almost every resident of Pereslavl-Zalessky Lyudmila Vorobyova day comes to a huge boulder on the shore of Lake Plescheeva. It sits near, strokes the surface, makes a wish and further goes about his own business.

A photo from open sources

Lyudmila – archaeologist, works in the National Park, on the territory of which is blue-stone. Therefore, here more often comes business: brings tours and tells the story of this a miracle. The historian Vorobyova knows her text by heart, but each time she the story is overgrown with new details.

Blue Stone is located 130 km from Yaroslavl. Stone weighs 12 tons In the XVII century, the church entered the battle against the pagan rite. The stone was buried. Probably meltwater eroded the ground, the stone again appeared on the surface. In 1788, they decided to use the boulder for bell tower bookmarks. They lowered them to the water and drove along the frozen lake. The ice broke, the stone sank. In the late 1840s, Blue Stone again appeared on the shore.

Blue-stone on the shore of Lake Pleshcheyev is a greeting from the glacial period. He is remembered by the descendants of the Pereslavl residents who lived in this territory. in the stone, bronze and iron ages. It is possible that on him climbed Ivan the Terrible, who often visited these parts.

A photo from open sources

Blue-stone got its name in ancient times. It is under by this “name” he appears in the annals of different centuries. The color of the stone heterogeneous. It acquires a blue tint in bright sunshine after the rain.

– Once upon a time hunters lived on these lands, – says Lyudmila Vorobyov. – They worshiped Sin-stone, asked that in Pleshcheyevo Lake was home to a lot of fish, and in the nearest forests always was a game. Apparently, they asked so well that the fish in the lake now many.

Different desires

Now they come to Sin-stone with different requests. One day to the couple approached the guide, asked if the stone helps in childbirth. The guide replied that if you really ask, then, maybe it will work …

– And a year later, our excursionists appeared in the park administration with flowers! – says Lyudmila. – It turned out that they had a baby. We talked about this case, and now they are going to Xin-stone to ask children. True, no one else came to us with flowers. But to me it seems that the point here is not the desire itself, but the strength of the promise. May be Orthodox, Muslim, pagan – but anyone! Why do not ask if there is a desire?

A photo from open sources

Gifts are constantly brought to the stone: money, flowers and soft toys. It is believed that to fulfill a desire, you need to press it to him palm and ask. Someone thinks about the magic stone definitely need to lean on the fifth point.

– Sometimes groups come to us, take off their shoes and stand for a long time on a stone – absorb positive energy, – says resident of Pereslavl-Zalessky Lyudmila Sergeeva, seller souvenirs near the parking lot on Lake Pleshcheevo. – When nobody is there, can stand for hours. I, when there was nobody here, myself I tried. It was winter. Five minutes have passed, but not your feet froze. Only then did she learn from experts that the stone was holding about the same temperature all year round. Of course in the sun he heats up. And in autumn, winter and spring, its temperature is about 15 degrees heat.

Now the height of the Blue-stone is about 80 centimeters. According to experts, every year he settles in the ground for about ten centimeters.

A photo from open sources

– When Christianity came to our lands, Blue-stone, like pagan symbol, buried in the ground and drowned in a lake, about it records in church books have been preserved, ”says Lyudmila Vorobyova. “But he came back every time.” At the stone people gathered in all times, photographed. And 60 years ago he towered over land and a half meters. And now he’s leaving, as if tired of ours desires.

For the long memory. For powder come from all over Russia

On the day of the solstice, as well as on the day of Ivan Kupala to Sin-stone Gentiles come. The rest of the time, the famous boulder is also not deprived of attention. The surface of the plate is well run, but is speckled small tubercles and cells.

– Once I noticed a woman with a hammer by the stone, came up, – says archaeologist Lyudmila Vorobyova. – A woman, seeing me, cried and told her story. It turns out her mom oncology. Somewhere she read that if you chop a piece of stone, crush it and take a little bit every day, you can to be cured. A woman specially came to the Blue Stone from Vladivostok. And mom is waiting for her, hoping for a miracle. Well, what could I do with her to tell? This powder is unlikely to help. But then this woman doesn’t have hope remains.

A photo from open sources

Employees of the park “Plescheevo Lake” warn guests about rules of conduct near the stone. Allowed to stand up, touch, sit down. But in no case should you scratch their names, declarations of love.

“You can leave money,” says Lyudmila. – Do not pick up: people leave their pain with coins. So with strangers with money you carry someone else’s grief.

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