Sand Diet – Disease or Pledge health?

Sand diet - a disease or a guarantee of health?Photo from open sources

Indian media talked about amazing a woman Kusma Vati from Varanasi who daily consumes food sand and at the same time feels great.

Kusma Wati began to practice such a strange diet with sixty years old, now she is seventy-eight, every day she eats up to two kilograms of sand and at the same time does not get sick, even doesn’t know what doctors are.

I, she says, have no problems with my stomach or lips, not teeth. On the contrary, teeth at my age are usually narrower crumble and fall out, but in me they are strong, as in young ones, even much stronger because I can even bite stones with them, which is unlikely the strength of an ordinary boy or girl.

Despite the fact that others and especially relatives of Kusma Vati was shocked by such a diet, and they even repeatedly turned to Kusma with asking to stop eating sand, Vati herself does not want to give up his unusual diet, considering that only sand allows it to be healthy and full of strength in her advanced age.

It should be noted that Kusma Vati is not the only person in India, who practices such a diet. Two years ago we wrote about an Indian Sudame Devi, who also eats sand daily, years. Moreover, in addition to a kilogram of sand per day, she does not consume nothing more, and at the same time says that he does not feel hungry. This amazing woman is now under ninety years old, and she is so same, like Kusma Vati, does not get sick, is still full of strength and energy.

Doctors consider such a phenomenon a deviation in the psyche, a disease pica, it’s just not clear why the sand eaters, preserving for this reason health and even, apparently, increasing your life expectancy sick? ..

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