Satellites refuse to photograph the “dead” zone “in Nevada

Satellites refuse to take picturesA photo from open sources

Conspirologists unexpectedly discovered that the popular Google Earth mapping service refuses provide your users with information about what is located in one of the deserts of the US state of Nevada.

A peculiar “dead zone” does not fall into the lenses of cameras orbital vehicles for over 8 years. And even if it hits, but Google seems to be erasing it heavily from all of its cards, leaving empty space in return.

Journalists of the American edition of Motherboard, those interested in this story found out that in the described the place is a secret military training ground. But why simple World Wide Web users are not allowed to view this territory aerial view?

A photo from open sources

Media employees managed to get real for $ 2,000 Photo base, taken by an independent French satellite in 2013. Newspapers suggested “Google” to buy it from them for just a dollar and “paste” into your cards to close this gap. Nonetheless, it turned out that exclusive rights to the mysterious image did not may belong to anyone other than the authors, that is, journalists just rented a photo without the right to use it. Lawyers report that otherwise a fine is coming, and the aerial photograph will be seized.

Of course, many Internet patrons felt that all this for a reason. Say, the US military is clearly hiding something on its base in Nevada. Maybe this is where the US Air Force is hit by “flying plates “, and also are engaged in experiments on alien technology or even aliens, that’s what it’s all about information slips on the Internet?

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