Science sometimes cannot even explain elementary things

Science cannot sometimes explain even seemingly elementary thingsA photo from open sources

We will not talk about UFOs, ghosts or the Bigfoot. Modern science sometimes can not even explain, it would seem, already studied phenomena. For example, in this row is the secret of origin lightning bolts. Not ball, no (this is generally a mystery behind seven seals), but the most ordinary that we observe with you every summer.

But today we recall another strange phenomenon, so called the Mpemba effect. It consists in the fact that hot water under the same cooling conditions it freezes faster than cold. Paradox, and more! And still no one can solve it. At the same time, they use it everywhere. Even you probably saw how ice rinks are filled with hot water in winter (as much steam is coming), but not cold …

And it all started with the fact that in 1963 a schoolboy Erasto Mpemba from Republic of Tanganyika asked his physics teacher about this. But that just laughed at Erasto, on the go witty inventing a joke that this is the physics of Mpemba.

Already a student, a young man with an inquiring mind asked about the same British physicist Denis Osbourne, who came to Tanganyika, who attended lectures at the University of Dar es Salaam, where studied by Erasto. Osborne, unlike a school teacher, is not only not began to laugh at the student, and conducted a series of experiments with him, the results which were published in 1969 in the journal Physics Education, and the phenomenon itself has since been called so – the Mpemba effect.

If you turn to Wikipedia, you will certainly find a whole list of dates when certain scientists tried to unravel this secret, many even claimed that the answer was found. But their explanations Mpemba’s effects were either far-fetched, as they immediately claimed other scientists, or too far-fetched, that is, in principle, never clarifying the main thing – why? That is, all this remains on level of hypotheses and assumptions, nothing more.

In 2012, the British Chemical Society even organizes competition on the topic: “Who can explain the effect of Mpemba.” Winner it has not yet been named …


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