Scientific evidence of reincarnation

Scientific evidence of reincarnationPhotos from open sources of

Children may have verifiable past life memories, which can be independently confirmed. They can call specific names, places and events without having any opportunity somehow know. These features can be confirmed by study of state archives. Birthmarks and congenital defects can appear at the site of a weapon wound caused by often violence or traumatic death in the past of life.

Including a comparison of information received from children and documented data, Ian Stevenson’s research is under construction (Ian Stevenson), from the Department of Psychiatric Medicine, University Virginia (Department of Psychiatric Medicine, University of Virginia, School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia 22908 )

During his original research in various matters, related to childhood memories of past lives, Dr. Stevenson emphasized the fact that these children were often born with birthmarks that are supposedly related to murder or death in previous life. Stevenson’s study of birthmarks and birth defects is of particular importance for demonstration reincarnation. Since they represent objective and visual proof of repeated instances.

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In many cases presented by Dr. Stevenson, also there is medical evidence available as further evidence which is usually composed after the death of a person. Yang Stevenson adds that in the cases he investigated, no other relevant explanation than reincarnation.

Only 30% – 60% of these deformations can be attributed to birth defects that are associated with viral genetic factors infection or chemical causes (e.g. in children affected from thalidomide, as well as drugs or alcohol). Along with these obvious reasons, doctors have no explanation for the other 40% to 70% of cases, and talk about the accidental occurrence of defects. Stevenson was able to explain why a person is born with that or another defect and why they appear on this part body and not another.

Life Reincarnation

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