Scientists are trying to solve the mystery of the Chinese dwarf villages

Yangsi is a remote village located in the southwest the Chinese province of Sichuan, for decades remains a mystery to researchers.

About 40% of the villagers are few goals below average person. 36 out of 80 inhabitants are dwarfs, and the growth of the highest of them about 1.15 meters, and the lowest – 64 centimeters. That’s too much a large percentage to believe that stunted people are born in by chance, but so far no one has been able to find a better explanations.

Today, due to the increased number of high residents, Youngsi may lose its second name – “Village of the Dwarves.” According to village elders, their happy life was destroyed in the summer night many years ago when a certain disease hit the region. Several locals suffered from a mysterious disease, but most affected were children aged 5 to 7 years.

These children simply stopped growing, remaining the same height for the whole remaining life. Besides their inability to grow, some of victims also suffered from various types of disabilities.

Scientists are trying to solve the mystery of the Chinese dwarf villageA photo from open sources

Scientists and experts have visited Yangsi more than once, studying water, soil and grain in the region. They also carefully examined the victims, hoping pick up the key to the puzzle. However, they were unable to identify the cause is unknown condition. Events over 60 years back to this day remain a mystery.

According to county officials, the strange disease was discovered in 1951 year. During the census which was conducted in 1985, it turned out that 119 lived in the village dwarfs. Apparently, the disease affected the DNA of the villagers and began to be inherited.

Since scientists could not establish the cause of the striking local inhabitants of the disease, they considered that evil forces were to blame. Some blamed the demons, while others thought their ancestors were to blame who were not happy with their funeral. But the strangest thing the explanation still claims that a long time ago a man named Van spotted a black turtle with strange legs. Some of the inhabitants wanted to let her go, but they fried her and ate. When the disease hit the village, they began to believe that everything was to blame the turtle and it should have been released.

However, there are more realistic versions of what happened. Some blame the toxic gases used by the Japanese, invading China many years ago. But the Japanese never got to village, so residents are not ready to accept this version.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

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