Scientists explored a mysterious cave with own climate

Scientists have explored a mysterious cave with its own climateA photo from open sources One of the largest caves in the world, which located in Chongqing Province of China and is part of the Er Cave System Wang Dong, was first investigated by scientists. Main feature this giant cave is having its own meteorological systems – there are clouds in this storehouse of natural riddles, fogs and rains. This network of caves was recently opened, and no one before present time has not yet studied it, reports Globalscience.

A research team consisting of cavers and photographers, decided to go on an expedition to where she had not set foot human foot. The underground river that flows in the cave – a phenomenon that is quite common in nature, but its own The climate in Er Van Dong greatly surprised scientists.

The dimensions of the cave (length about 42 km, and depth about 441 m) and its unusual structure creates conditions for the formation of fog and clouds that are located at an altitude of 250 m at the top of the cave, regardless of the weather prevailing at that moment on the surface Of the earth.

0_e2342_faf7b19d_origA photo from open sources

ojWrlA photo from open sources

d4a111267506c7faacea686ab05818caA photo from open sources

Climate Caves

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